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this ytmnd has a lot of promise, but so far, most of these are pretty dumb. do not post YTMNDs with < 15k views and < *** Belgianrofliron

Belgianrofliron do not edit this wiki again, you are uninformed about the current state of "Forgot Poland" sites. Please check this site to understand: The old "Forgot Poland" fad is the one which you describe, it has almost nothing in common with the current fad. Many of its sites are unpopular among NARVs and people without a sense of humor due to their parody of YTMND. Sound is remixed in an extremely loud fashion, the image is purposely distorted, and as a running gag a site must beg for 5 star votes (or "vote 56"/"vote %!"). The common reaction to these sites causes them to not get more than 15k views and rarely more than 4 stars.

ok. Belgianrofliron