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Talk about things here 8)


Asset Download

Will the conversion to .swf still allow for the asset downloads feature that currently exists? -Claremonster

My current plan is to keep a copy of the original so that assets in the profile pages would still be download-able. Max 13:53, July 17, 2008 (CDT)


I'd have to say that the one thing keeping me from remaining truly active in this site rather than pursuing similar forms of online media is the lack of true, reliable sync. I remember you hinting at it a while back, but I'm still unclear as to whether this flash container carries any benefit in the way of gapless looping and the like. --AndySavage 14:43, July 17, 2008 (CDT)

Bells/Whistles & Low-priority Features

  • Comment while watching/live comment feed
  • Download-able YTMNDs
  • Time-line slider
  • Embeddable YTMNDs

Hmm. Save for 'slideshow' sites, work on YTMND isn't really long enough to warrant a slider feature. At a 3MB limit for images and audio, they can only be so long, after all. I've already had the displeasure of seeing my own work posted on YouTube. With embeddable sites, not only would taking/highlighting work on other pages without permission be easier, but we'd most likely see the worst kinds of sites (think 'Star Fox 64 As Told By VG Cats') representing YTMND on other sites. The live comment feed isn't such a bad idea, but it'd be simpler just to make the comment pages/profiles more apparent to casual users. --Chav-Slayer