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"Up and Coming YTMNDS": Regarding the 300 vote limit, it's mainly to keep items from being on the front page too long. This number is changed on occasion to reflect the voting trends of users. If it turns out sites are getting 300 votes in a few hours it's raised, if it turns out sites get 300 votes in a few days it's lowered.

Max 16:46, April 15, 2007 (CDT)

Time Limit?

Maybe consider, instead of having it limited to 300 votes, have it limited to a set number of hours? If a site is on the U&C for, let's just say 12 hours, it will be able to shine without sticking around too long.

Put it like this. Let's say there's a site in the U&C that truly rocks. People will flock to it, upvote it, love it, and it will hit 300 votes in no time. Now let's say there's some lame XBox site or some other fanboy thing. Most people won't even bother to view it, meaning that it will take much longer for it to achieve 300 votes. And it, in turn, will spend more time in the Up And Coming than the site that actually deserves it.

Giving them a set time limit will put them on equal ground. In that 12 hours, the good site could get thousands of votes (potentially), and the lame fanboy site could get 100. But they both had the same time upfront, they both had the same chance, and they both got the most they could. Everyone wins.