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dr-l337 and ollj

dr-l337 isnt a narv. I would say he's more of an experimental account. He's actually an alt of a well known user. I would strongly reccomend adding ollj. Sure, as even as his vote spread may be, he steals, downvotes out of revenge, and when he did have control over wiki, all of his articles were shit.

I think enough of us now know who dr-l337 is that i wonder why that particular user doesnt just admit it. i mean he's made it rather obvious, and is moderately to well known enough that i thought more regular users would have guessed. anyways i agree not a NARV mainly becuase I know better. In a different time I'd YTMND Police that but I dont particularly care :P - ollj is on the Parasite wiki, and thats a bigger insult than NARV to me, and good enough - and more appropriate.... - MasterSitsu, Sept 15

^There you have it folks. Classifications such as NARV and Parasite are not objective, but rather a tool to inflate one's ego.

Steve Irwin

Seriously. It's the new NARV bait. Recently died down since his death, but I'm still seeing LOL, Stingray YTMNDs. Usually sites that are stolen with new crap music, or new forms of crap of the crap. Should it be added to the fad list?

Oh and got a NARV. Dr-L337, he's defiantly a NARV. Zepear

Dr-L337 isnt all he appears to be.... he's a borderline gimmick character who just so happens to split vote.

Didn't put him down. He doesn't vote like one, yet his YTMNDs are on the NARV side. Some comments at times, ect. Also, there should be a famousers list as they're called. Check this guy out. ErisFur

perhaps you should add this person:

He downvotes good sites, upvotes crap sites, uneven vote spread, and all of his sites are just plain awful.


if you add users to this list that cleary dont fit definition, or its obvious you just listed people who downvoted you, I WILL block you from wiki. How about you read the article instead of having some loose defintion about 'retarded'? MasterSitsu

should go both ways i think

retarded (adj.) relatively slow in mental or emotional or physical development; exhibiting a significantly below-normal global intellectual capacity as an adult; tested as having an intelligence quotient (I.Q.) below 75 or 70. (see "handicapped") (slang) to lack or appear to lack the ability to demonstrate logical cognitive reasoning within certain situations; to continuously and/or deliberately make illogical decisions and/or give incorrect answers. (see "stupid")

spotting a narv

deleted it, i dont think its very accurate. at all. talk here before making it again. - MasterSitsu

Well if we're going to take that out we should do something about the bad music taste area. I'm sure there's more than that. --OMG HAX 18:42, August 16, 2006 (CDT)

A lot of the points raised were invalid, but there is definitely more than can be added here. BTape 21:44, August 16, 2006 (CDT) - i just dont want that big list of alleged NARV music taking up all that space. it gives people the impression it has precendence over many of the other big points, i think it was causing a lot of the misconceptions. people dont reaed the 'however these fads are not indistinguishable' part and assume they are all just flat out NARV status. by having the link and highlighting that quote hopefully that can be corrected. also the less listy crap to scroll through the better. if people care to know they'll click the link, if you want to alter that page or make a sperate page give it a shot.

This is Not a Downvoters List

Onel I don't think is really a NARV as much as he is a split voting angry ranter. This is best shown in his comments on sites about Ebaums world showing he is obviously just trying to piss people off

Is m912solid (see comments) a NARV, a downvoter, or just an asshat? --OMG HAX! 19:33, August 24, 2006 (CDT)

Hmm well he has seemed to pull a Xiu judging by his votes and comments so I would say attention whore.--MarcusTheMartin 21:06, August 24, 2006 (CDT)

The account is extremely suspicious though,I guess it was deleted,since he "joined" today. --St205 12:18, August 25, 2006 (CDT)

The User Blizzard I don't think belongs in the list since it is said he downvotes all non World of Warcraft sites It is possible he is just an attention whore--MarcusTheMartin 06:10, August 31, 2006 (CDT)

What about n4rvst(sp)? He's a troll,downvoter,etc.. so maybe he doesnt qualify for the NARV list anymore? St205 17:34, September 7, 2006 (CDT)

Then it's time we create...A NEW LIST! Maplejet 07:57, September 29, 2006 (CDT)


people keep adding these. what did ollj do to offend? his vote history shows almost the same number of votes per number. perhaps you find him a disagreable voter, but i dont see NARVism. as for sexymofo, he is a plain ol' downvoter. he splits entirely between 1 and 5, but he doesnt upvote 'epic' or 'nedm' or vital things that NARV do.

hahaha this is great



sexymofo is a "famouser" as sitsu calls them, a downvoter basically however ollj downvotes every other site on U&C whenever he makes a site so he can stay on top, and he makes sites with stolen images/sound - well the latter describes a "parasite", not a NARV. update: ollj has been removed as admin of the ytmnd wiki by fyrestorm for petty downvoting as he has been caught doing in the past several times (changing all votes to 1's if he disagrees with anything a user says) Note that ollj can be described accurately both by the "parasite" label and by the "NARV" label. His sites make him a parasite, while his voting pattern shows him to be a NARV as well.

SexyMovo is an NARV, but he's more of an attention whore really. Nobody takes his votes seriously (although a mini-fad based on him was made). Crazyswordsman 19:01, August 21, 2006 (CDT)

NEDM belongs here

Why delete it? It defines the NARV movement like nothing else does. -NEDM, as any fad, has poorly made sites that contribute to the fad in a negative way, but not in the same volume as sites commonly considered problematic in relation to NARVs. NEDM continues to contain worthwhile spinoffs, whereas epic, emo, and other defined NARV sites do not or rarely do at all.

After seeing "Fails for no NEDM" written on Picard Song, this anonymous contributor does have a point. Crazyswordsman 19:01, August 21, 2006 (CDT)

Even though the needs more NEDM comments are extremely annoying I still enjoy the fad. It is just some odd cult thing I guess(even though it will most likely kill the fad).--MarcusTheMartin 06:17, August 22, 2006 (CDT)

Sup fellow narv-haters

I added a bit to the article. Put the "lol, ___" fad in to the commonly-NARV'd fads, and differentiated between noob and NARV as MasterSitsu has said on the comment log for SoM's ytnnd site.

i like this NARV thing because it makes me feel superior, but a couple points. NARVs are 'Voters,' but we mock their site making habits as well? not a problem, but i feel it should be clarified. Eon8 is a stupid fad, but i don't believe it belongs on this list. sites that i think should be added are googlefights, smarterchilds, santabots, and the like.

this is the best article on the site. (Smoothmedia 02:53, July 13, 2006 (CDT))

"NARV" has come to mean more than just the voters, perhaps NARSC (new age retarded site creators) is more apt for part of this, but creating more words while this one is just gaining steam... i dont know.

lol, ego-feeding

Great. You can make fun of people on the internet. YTMND = serious business, lol.

Could it be that you're just dicks?

This page seems like something Adverb would make.

Maybe, but sometimes, you just feel really, fucking angry.
At a website? Jesus. If you get angry at a thosand people you don't even know, what's the point? Why not just leave?
Instead of flaming people for no reason, why don't you accept that they've been there since the beginning of YTMND? I think we all remember Josh Ballard, hmm?

eh the point is to get the word out. at one point I think every ytmnd user starts off as a NARV/maker of NARV sites and if we can promote the idea that those sites are not funny at all, hopefully people will be less inclined to make them.

Through the Wiki, which no one ever uses? Why not just force an anti-NARV fad? XD Also, someone seems to have deleted the opposition section to the site. Explanation please? The remainder is a partisan opinion, clearly leaning one way.

the person who created the 'opposition' section, with its supposed 'lol elitism' catchphrase, was the only such person known to do such a thing. there has not being an uprising against the phrase because NARVs and Parasites dont know they are NARVs and parasites. Until a true movement is against the phrase, dont tamper with the wiki.

Hi. I was listed on this article as a NARV, for sourcing an image from b3ta and setting it to fad music. I credited both sources; I thought the combination of the blue ball theme and the well-tiled gif would create additional humour. I never claimed to create the image (I fully sourced it) and did not claim the music either (also fully sourced). Tell me, what about my ytmnd [1] specifically made it NARV fodder? AKismet 15:25, July 25, 2006 (CDT)

- That part of the article was deleted. You were not called a NARV, but your site was considered 'upvoted by NARVs' since in the past an edited gif not created by you would have not received that score - NARVs dont pay attention to site credits, or seem to even care when something is stolen ('stolen' being a gif posted on YTMND, even if credited, when a gif has been heavily edited by someone else)

" Why not just force an anti-NARV fad?"
Obviously you've missed the whole point of what hating NARVs is all about so log out now.

Shouldn't the average NARV site rating be 5? I'd have thought the NARVs would upvote each others sites.

I wouldn't call this ego-feeding. This is just name calling, pure and simple. People who've been with YTMND for 7 months want to make fun of people who just got here 6 months ago. The fact is, RV have been around since the beginning. There was nothing clever or original about editing KHAN and "stapler" into every goddamn wav file on the internet, but that crap still got 5'd as soon as there were 5's to give. Even if new users don't know from funny, there's no reason to keep a list here. If you're upset because the people on the list downvoted your site, you really need to grow up. Timeconsumer 00:49, August 24, 2006 (CDT)

thanks for not reading the article where it says this type of behavior is not new to YTMND. Thanks so very much for getting upset first. MasterSitsu

Design on this page

Fellow contribs, be careful with the layout the Table. Template is tricky
! - the exclamations on the top are for each column across (three !'s mean 3 columns)
| - each line is a row nomination (there are four sets of | descriptions, each follow the ! column, except the 4th and last which defines a row color background) nutnics 01:03, August 3, 2006 (PST)

I changed the image back to the baby with computer. It's just plain better and I'm pretty damn possessive about it. The "new" drawing just doesnt fit. MasterSitsu


I put in Xiu in the list. Feel free to edit/delete if anything. --St205 20:19, August 20, 2006 (CDT)

I personally don't think Xiu is a NARV as much as an upvoter turned attention whore.--MarcusTheMartin 20:54, August 20, 2006 (CDT)

He has the qualifications to be NARV,but he/she only spams comments and downvotes/upvotes if it feels like it. So you're right. MasterSitsu took it off the list though. --St205 16:13, August 21, 2006 (CDT)

I took him off the list as he's now just an Attention Whore. No evidence of genuine stupidity or retardedness in the NARV defined sense... he was an upvoter, now he's a downvoter - his vote split is because of altered attention whore-dom, not because he only likes or dislikes sites. He's pretty much defined in the 'downvoter' wiki under types as 'attention whore' --MasterSitsu

Might as well post this here.. I believe whitestreak is an Attention Whore, because of his comments. I did not add him to the NARV list due to his repetitive comments.... Which make me think that if theirs a large group of Attention Whore, shouldn't their be an article created for them, or a sub article inside the Downvoter Article? --Southpark 15:48, August 31, 2006 (CDT)

Hmmm from the looks of it,it might be an alt account for massive trolling. Truly an attention whore like Sexymofo,etc... I thought that a sub-article for the attention whore character was already posted?--St205 15:07, September 1, 2006 (CDT)

I only see a sub section mentioning attention whores, but I just recently thought my idea would be bad... it would give more attention to the attention whores.. I did not think that one through.--Southpark 21:08, September 1, 2006 (CDT)

Specifacation Of Whom Exactly Is A NARV

Although the basic idea of a NARV is a retarded upvoter/downvoter whom is from the '06 generation, but although a good classifacation, is it specific enough? What of the retarded voters of pre-06? Even more noted, what of the people whom only vote and comment on sites that they deem either really good, or really bad? It's hard to specificly class the group NARV, simply because of the diversity of the people who inhabit YTMND, so maybe a. Just my two dollars and fifty cents. --dropkick

Music Taste

  • Is Super mario bros or super mario world ending? --Midolf 11:29, September 6, 2006 (CDT)

They mostly use,the Super Mario World fast ending. Or the other one. St205 17:32, September 7, 2006 (CDT)

More voting classification?

Would a NARV also have a biased average vote, even though they vote 2,3,and 4? By that I mean, if they have an average over 4 or below 2, would that make them a NARV?--Dhaos 21:04, September 9, 2006 (CDT)

Look for a major spilt in votes between 1 and 5 if it looks like a thumbs up/thumbs down rating system is being used then you could say that user is a NARV--MarcusTheMartin 23:12, September 9, 2006 (CDT)

"NARV" is dumb

I fucking hate this elitist term NARV. You know who else glorifies their salad days? Republicans. You people make me sick.


Who can forget the good ol' days of YTMND? Ah, sweet 2005, those glory times when everything was clean and simple, and the hardest choice a young lad or laddette had to make was Batman vs. Picard. Before all these fucking NARVs came along and fouled the whole works up! YOU GOOD SIRS HAVE SULLIED YTMND, the Internet gem of the early-mid '00s. Oh, 2004, gentle 2004, when all sites were actually milled by hand by master YTMND artisans on 386 DXs with 12 megs of RAM. Those were heady times. And the music! So diverse in origin, from all corners of the globe - marimbas, zithers, and the very harp of a Jew! Not like now, with the accursed NARVs and their sped-up Super Mario World endings and Wah-wah-wuh-wah-awwwww Price is Right special effects. To this day I will still sort by date and peruse those precious treats from 2004. All priceless! Go back and see for yourself, and I guarantee you'll spend hours engrossed, just laughing and masturbating. Yes, YTMND would be virtually destroyed, were it not for the valiant efforts of ideologically-motivated YTMNDers. They, surely, are the ones who keep this site bearable; voting 2, 3, and 4 to uphold a moral standard that the younger generation has long ago abandoned, all the while putting filthy NARVs in their place with sanctimonious good-ol-boy moralizing. God bless them.

In conclusion: fuck this concept.


Brdude 10:39, September 10, 2006 (CDT)

I think I just got owned.--Inkdrinker 13:33, September 10, 2006 (CDT)

"In conclusion: fuck this concept." - But it sounds like you agree with it too. And you really shouldn't be masturbating to YTMNDs. :P --Nutnics 15:17, September 10, 2006 (PST)

His point was that we're masturbating to an idealized past and our sense of superiority. And while I can't get around how much I dislike the people we call NARVs - their gleeful aping of things that've been old a long time, their idea that a ranking system is only to make people feel better, their rank hypocrisy on "downvoting" and theft of material, their general inability to spell and their total failure to think of anything other than a linear sequence of events as art - I have to admit he has a point and since brdude is one of the few users who has any opinion I respect about anything at all, I have to give it some consideration. Which leads me to this: Is there anything at our disposal that we can make use of to make a more positive push for new users to experiment with the form of the YTMND? Something other than the typical comments, votes, sponsorship etc? What if we make a blatantly editorially biased "pick of the week/month" page that finds a site that really breaks/broke the mold with an in-depth look at what separates it from "NARV" fare. I don't think it's enough, but build off the idea if you have something...--Inkdrinker 18:52, September 10, 2006 (CDT)

Perhaps someone forgot to read the top of the article. Here's what it says:

  • NARVs seem to be inexperienced and their influence can be attributed to the rise in votes for relatively novice sites that would have never reached popularity in the hey-day of YTMND's past.
  • NARVs seem to have no knowledge of YTMND history or the classics that define the tone of the website at large, and have no desire to learn, unlike the common noob.
  • NARV-like behavior is not entirely new to YTMND.
  • …by rising in numbers they have justified each others stealing of already well known "funny pictures" from sites throughout the Internet, be they from other YTMND users (see Parasite), 4chan, b3ta, SomethingAwful, screenshots of bizarre news stories, and so forth.
  • NARVs are not unique to YTMND, either. Any site that features “original” content and a voting system is vulnerable to NARV invasions. See: YTMND NARV becomes a YouTube NARV. (WARNING: extreme NARVism)
  • NARVs seem to enjoy overdone fad music, such as Axel F, The Price is Right "failure" sound, the Super Mario World sped-up ending song, Ghost Love Score by Nightwish, "Requiem for a Tower (The Two Trailers soundtrack)", "Untitled" by Simple Plan, Final Fantasy and other RPG soundtracks, Max Coveri's "Running in the Ninties", or older YTMND "fad" songs that have long been retired.
  • NARVs create and cluster around fad sites that require the least amount of work, continuing to make and upvote them long after the fad has peaked.
  • NARVs quickly obliterate fads by attaching gifs posted many times before on YTMND with the new fad music, creating a "double unoriginality" syndrome that experienced YTMNDers find unbearable.

Please read the article before bashing it to oblivion. But I love how you went off on a tangent and compared NARV critics to Republicans (even though Dick Cheney never had to worry about someone stealing his Picard GIF...oh wait, he doesn't; I guess your logic fails...wanna call the critics Gay Anime Furry Nazis next?). --OMG HAX! 19:40, September 10, 2006 (CDT)

brdude, I've talked to you through actual email and you've said actual things that should indicate that you basically AGREE with what NARV was supposed to do. Many users are throwing the term around REALLLLLLLLLY loosely, but if you actually read the article about how NARVs have ALWAYS existed and that now they just seem to be in greater numbers, how a 'narv' is different from a 'noob' - that it does not come from an elitist place at all. I rarely use "NARV" as a put-down unless I really believe it - for the vast part of it, if i use it at all, its just a very tiny word to call a spade a spade rather than "theres this guy that registered a couple months ago and he doesnt get classic ytmnds and he keeps making lol ytmnds" - by the way, as evidence of how loosely and subjectively some are using the term, theres a user who registered in July who on my 'dew' page claimed it was upvoted by NARVs. yeah. really. At the end of the day, "NARV" was an insider term among users both well known and unknown just to describe certain user types we did not like. It got spread so all we can do is be here to educate and hopefully control its use so it doesnt just describe downvoters people hate. MasterSitsu

Well, don't get me wrong. I hate fools, and I hate people who lack the context to properly appreciate my sites :) But by the counts described here, I am in many ways a NARV. I have used over-done fad music. I have stolen content from other sites that I did not create and re-packaged it for YTMND and expected it to be taken as seriously as the stuff I've made "from scratch", although it's all basically stolen to one extent or another. I have based the majority of my YTMND career on being a "bottom feeder." I mean, I'd like to think that my re-interpretations of fads have been more interesting than most, but there are others who would certainly disagree with me on that count as well (fucking NARVs). And, to top it off, almost all of my votes are 1s or 5s. I think if NARV was/is a useful term, it will soon need to be presented as a term significant of a specific era within YTMND, as its misuse is apt to become more widespread, especially amongst the nouveau-entitled.
I have always considered myself a late-comer to YTMND. We are all late-comers, but it's cool because it doesn't matter who you are on YTMND, it matters if your YTMND hits the "5" part of the brain of the largest part of the audience of YTMND. Which does suck, but is also oddly democratizing. In specific response to Inkdrinker's proposal, I'm more into the idea of clubs or guilds or something within YTMND that is some sort of alternative to the Main Page, which is sort of broken (although thanx for all the upvotes, ya'll my peeps.) Just anything, basically, to keep the egalitarian nature of YTMND while introducing a dynamic way to encourage all sorts of new states of the art. Otherwise, we'll have to take matters into our own hands. ANARCHYTMND --Brdude 22:15, September 10, 2006 (CDT)

brdude, you're one of the last people i'd call a NARV. sure you've had fad sites, but so have I and most others. its not about making fad sites, its about pressing on dead fads and in many cases split voting (which in my opinion is a big reason why top sites are all 4.6 instead of 4.1 - 4.3 as it used to be) - hell, I'm more of a NARV than you are if we go by that standard though. you only vote on what you like pretty much, and during my first months I split votes a lot and only after time started voting more responsibly (by my own standard that is). But even the sites you've made with YTMND, etc, have had their own distinctive stamp on them, usually your way of handling effects (zooming in and out of things seems to be your trademark)... seriously though, if you honestly count yourself among NARVs you either have a serious inferiority complex or just havent paid close enough attention to what YTMNDs been like the past couple months while you've been viewing YTMND less. you seriously mistake the poitns on the article about stealing content and resubmitting, i'm talking about when a gif is posted on YTMND to original music, but then a 'ridin spinnaz' version is made and then within seconds theres a 'wonderful time', 'break my stride', 'epic maneuver' and 'right round' ytmnd of the same gif. THATS a NARV move, not what you do. --MasterSitsu 3am EST, September 11, 2006 (NEVAR4GET)

People should at least try to create their own submissions. I admit that acccess to image editors, and advanced software is not possible for most ytmnders, however SOME alteration must take place, and a simple message must be 'New' for the submission to have validity. You can't just grab a gif from (gifdump, 4chan, google, stormtrooper thrusting) and slap it on here with some overused music and call it unique, because it's not. Don't worry about being narvish on some accounts too, because I 5 all the fucking time, because there is a lot of awesome shit on here. This article is meant to explore the nature of New Age Retarded Voting and it's effect on YTMND. We try to steer away from unabashed ridicule, but it can bleed over into elitism when compared to the ideal of the "Perfectly unique submission". No matter how you cut it though, this voting and 'redundant' submission trend exists. --Nutnics 10:49 pm, September 10, 2006 (PST)

As far as the small groups thing goes, my other account has something like that going with some of my favorite users. We've got this kind of collective going, and while we'll still never get mass acceptance or see the front page get better, I do enjoy it a lot more than I did giving a damn what the front page thought.--Inkdrinker 23:17, September 10, 2006 (CDT)

All right, I've tried to use this discussion to inform a series of edits to NARV I've just made. --Brdude 14:26, September 14, 2006 (CDT)

Good revisions brdude --Nutnics 4:27 pm, September 14, 2006 (PST)

I've Been Shown the Light

Yeah. Apparently, I used to be a NARV. I left YTMND for like a couple of months or so and I got much smarter in that time. I figured out that Family Guy wasn't funny, the Simpsons weren't funny anymore, that cameo appearances aren't funny, and that most of this stuff on YTMND that's praised so much isn't funny either. I used to give 5s for efforts, but, that was when I was a NARV. I'm De-NARVing my votes as we speak. :D Whee... I'm one-ing more and five-ing less!

--Dhaos 16:44, September 14, 2006 (CDT)

Another NARV?

This guy appears to be a split voter and his comments are very immature. Not sure if this qualifies as a NARV. Maplejet 07:00, September 20, 2006 (CDT)

Judging by the comments I'd say its a gimmick account--MarcusTheMartin 07:22, September 20, 2006 (CDT)

You know,there are popping sexymofo-like accounts all over. Look for:"Nugget" & "Feelings"(rofl,look at its comments).--St205 14:38, September 28, 2006 (CDT)

I think we should put up a list of these style of people. We need a new name. Maplejet 05:56, September 29, 2006 (CDT)

You could call them vinnabees *crickets chirp* get it wannabe vinny weapons *crickets chirp* --MarcusTheMartin 07:36, September 29, 2006 (CDT)

Why I added NEDM

NEDM is probably one of the most bottom-fed fads of them all. It’s pure effort free. All you ever need to do is make a simple YTMND that can be about anything, and then put in something like “NEDM”, “Happycat”, or “Chapstick”. That’s it. No effort at all. And no, the fad is not dead. It's still alive but it's being kept alive in a NARV way.

Really because the NEDM site I made seemed to consist of more than that, not to mention as for it being still alive its on life support with no chance to recover unless max gets arrested for burning kittens. I wouldn't consider this a NARV fad but more so a cult fad.--MarcusTheMartin 22:52, September 30, 2006 (CDT)

Regardless this debate on wether or not NEDM belongs here has allready happend (scroll up) it still has potential for decent spinoffs before it finally kicks the bucket--MarcusTheMartin 07:21, October 1, 2006 (CDT)

NEDM is not really a NARVish fads...most NEDM sites involve some effort of some sort. Maplejet 13:07, October 6, 2006 (CDT)

Category: NARVish Fads

Not sure if you are aware of it, but I made a new category for fads. Any fad that are considered "NARVish" should go there. Do not abuse it me, Picard, Conan, and Poland are not NARVish fads. Maplejet 13:08, October 6, 2006 (CDT)

I'm fine with that. It's Smiddle, LOL · What is Talk Page? · KHAAANTRIBUTIONS! 13:39, October 6, 2006 (CDT)
Please check out the NARVish fads category during your free time. Maplejet 10:14, October 9, 2006 (CDT)

Proof the NARVs have taken over

^^That site has a 4.3 rating. I rest my case. --Dhaos 12:55, November 4, 2006 (CST)

Just because you can't handle the awesomeness of that site dosen't mean every one else is a NARV. You are proof that the term NARV has been distorted beyond recognition --MarcusTheMartin 13:54, November 4, 2006 (CST)

Dr-L337 has fans, and there are a lot of people who simply think that it took a shitload of work to make, which it clearly did. just look at it. to me, is the proof NARVs have taken over. image from another humor site plus amazingly overdone fad music somehow equals a 4.5 - funny or not, in YTMND's heyday we would not reward recycled garbage with such a rating. that site embarrasses me and YTMND. syncan even said on it "YTMND is Dead" and it makes me wonder myself. - MasterSitsu, Nov 4 06

Seconded what Sitsu said. Most of these 1337 are SFFs that require some shitload of work...NARVs can not handle it. rapistsearch is the real proof. I even asked him to change the music a few times, but he refused. Pity, I would have given it a 3 if he changed the music. Maplejet 16:09, November 8, 2006 (CST)
On a different note though, can someone explain what this "HIVE" thing is all about?Maplejet 16:11, November 8, 2006 (CST)

Ultimately the hive thing in my eyes is a gimmick at getting views in exchange for a drop in overall site rating. The users that wont get into the hall of fame have to leave their mark on ytmnd somehow and the hive is the perfect way to do it.--MarcusTheMartin 23:53, November 9, 2006 (CST)