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(spotting a narv)
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== spotting a narv ==
== spotting a narv ==
deleted it, i dont think its very accurate. at all.  talk here before making it again. - MasterSitsu
deleted it, i dont think its very accurate. at all.  talk here before making it again. - MasterSitsu
:Well if we're going to take that out we should do something about the bad music taste area. I'm sure there's more than ''that.'' --[[User:OMG HAX|OMG HAX]] 18:42, August 16, 2006 (CDT)
== ollj/sexymofo ==
== ollj/sexymofo ==

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spotting a narv

deleted it, i dont think its very accurate. at all. talk here before making it again. - MasterSitsu

Well if we're going to take that out we should do something about the bad music taste area. I'm sure there's more than that. --OMG HAX 18:42, August 16, 2006 (CDT)


people keep adding these. what did ollj do to offend? his vote history shows almost the same number of votes per number. perhaps you find him a disagreable voter, but i dont see NARVism. as for sexymofo, he is a plain ol' downvoter. he splits entirely between 1 and 5, but he doesnt upvote 'epic' or 'nedm' or vital things that NARV do.

hahaha this is great



sexymofo is a "famouser" as sitsu calls them, a downvoter basically however ollj downvotes every other site on U&C whenever he makes a site so he can stay on top, and he makes sites with stolen images/sound - well the latter describes a "parasite", not a NARV. update: ollj has been removed as admin of the ytmnd wiki by fyrestorm for petty downvoting as he has been caught doing in the past several times (changing all votes to 1's if he disagrees with anything a user says) Note that ollj can be described accurately both by the "parasite" label and by the "NARV" label. His sites make him a parasite, while his voting pattern shows him to be a NARV as well.

NEDM belongs here

Why delete it? It defines the NARV movement like nothing else does. -NEDM, as any fad, has poorly made sites that contribute to the fad in a negative way, but not in the same volume as sites commonly considered problematic in relation to NARVs. NEDM continues to contain worthwhile spinoffs, whereas epic, emo, and other defined NARV sites do not or rarely do at all.

Sup fellow narv-haters

I added a bit to the article. Put the "lol, ___" fad in to the commonly-NARV'd fads, and differentiated between noob and NARV as MasterSitsu has said on the comment log for SoM's ytnnd site.

i like this NARV thing because it makes me feel superior, but a couple points. NARVs are 'Voters,' but we mock their site making habits as well? not a problem, but i feel it should be clarified. Eon8 is a stupid fad, but i don't believe it belongs on this list. sites that i think should be added are googlefights, smarterchilds, santabots, and the like.

this is the best article on the site. (Smoothmedia 02:53, July 13, 2006 (CDT))

"NARV" has come to mean more than just the voters, perhaps NARSC (new age retarded site creators) is more apt for part of this, but creating more words while this one is just gaining steam... i dont know.

lol, ego-feeding

Great. You can make fun of people on the internet. YTMND = serious business, lol.

Could it be that you're just dicks?

This page seems like something Adverb would make.

Maybe, but sometimes, you just feel really, fucking angry.
At a website? Jesus. If you get angry at a thosand people you don't even know, what's the point? Why not just leave?
Instead of flaming people for no reason, why don't you accept that they've been there since the beginning of YTMND? I think we all remember Josh Ballard, hmm?

eh the point is to get the word out. at one point I think every ytmnd user starts off as a NARV/maker of NARV sites and if we can promote the idea that those sites are not funny at all, hopefully people will be less inclined to make them.

Through the Wiki, which no one ever uses? Why not just force an anti-NARV fad? XD Also, someone seems to have deleted the opposition section to the site. Explanation please? The remainder is a partisan opinion, clearly leaning one way.

the person who created the 'opposition' section, with its supposed 'lol elitism' catchphrase, was the only such person known to do such a thing. there has not being an uprising against the phrase because NARVs and Parasites dont know they are NARVs and parasites. Until a true movement is against the phrase, dont tamper with the wiki.

Hi. I was listed on this article as a NARV, for sourcing an image from b3ta and setting it to fad music. I credited both sources; I thought the combination of the blue ball theme and the well-tiled gif would create additional humour. I never claimed to create the image (I fully sourced it) and did not claim the music either (also fully sourced). Tell me, what about my ytmnd [1] specifically made it NARV fodder? AKismet 15:25, July 25, 2006 (CDT)

- That part of the article was deleted. You were not called a NARV, but your site was considered 'upvoted by NARVs' since in the past an edited gif not created by you would have not received that score - NARVs dont pay attention to site credits, or seem to even care when something is stolen ('stolen' being a gif posted on YTMND, even if credited, when a gif has been heavily edited by someone else)

" Why not just force an anti-NARV fad?"
Obviously you've missed the whole point of what hating NARVs is all about so log out now.

Shouldn't the average NARV site rating be 5? I'd have thought the NARVs would upvote each others sites.

Design on this page

Fellow contribs, be careful with the layout the Table. Template is tricky
! - the exclamations on the top are for each column across (three !'s mean 3 columns)
| - each line is a row nomination (there are four sets of | descriptions, each follow the ! column, except the 4th and last which defines a row color background) nutnics 01:03, August 3, 2006 (PST)

I changed the image back to the baby with computer. It's just plain better and I'm pretty damn possessive about it. The "new" drawing just doesnt fit. MasterSitsu