TIGER Handheld

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TIGER Handhelds
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Original YTMND:
Conan is.. A TIGER HANDHELD!  
Worthy spinoffs:
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Many of the fads that exist on YTMND would have their own "TIGER Handheld" site, which related to what the fad represented. The sites have the LCD graphics displaying what the original fad's YTMND had in the site, in addition to some editing to include a score or anything related to the fad or setting. In some cases, the buttons were also customized to make it seem like an actual interactive game.

This fad was started by the original Conan is... an Alligator! YTMND featuring Conan O'Brien flailing his arms like the jaws of an alligator.

That animated GIF was then incorporated into an original Tiger Handheld, with a few replacements.

The label was replaced by screen captures of Conan's show overlaid by a replaced screen. The LCD screen was then converted into a two-part grayscale animation of Conan opening and closing his arms like an alligator.

The fad took off with YTMND makers incorporating a basic formula:

  • Replace label with an overlay of the target character (id Picard, Ronald, Peppers, etc.).
  • Replace the LCD screen with a two-part animation depicting the original YTMND (ie Conan is, lol internet, etc).
  • Photoshop the buttons and their labels to create the illusion of a legitimate Tiger application. This was optional.

To make it sound low-tech, the looping sound file is usually a polyphonic version of the sound file that was prevalent on the original YTMND.

There have been many copy-cats and expansions of the Conan + Tiger YTMND, and a few of the more popular and entertaining ones are included.

This fad has recently expanded to include spoofs featuring Nintendo's Game And Watch series instead of Tiger Handhelds.