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{{iboriginal|conantiger|Conan is.. A TIGER HANDHELD!}}
{{ibdate|August 2005|August 16, 2005}}
|title1=What is Tiger?!
|title2=I love Tiger Handhelds!
|title3=TIGER is a Tiger Handheld!
|title4= lol internet tiger handheld
|title5=Nigga stole my TIGER handheld (NSFW)
The TIGER handheld fad modifies the LCD handheld games released by TIGER from the late 80s to the early 90s  to include already established fads.
== Fad Structure ==
The original YTMND of this fad is a modification of ''[[Conan is...]] an alligator!'', and started a structure that has not been heavily edited since:
* Replace handheld border with an overlay of the target character (ie. Picard, Ronald, Peppers, etc.).
* Replace the LCD screen with a two-part animation depicting the original YTMND (ie. Conan is, lol internet, etc.).
* Photoshop the buttons and their labels to create the illusion of a legitimate Tiger application.  This is optional.
* Create a sound loop of the song associated with the fad, lowering the quality to match that of  background music for a TIGER handheld game.
This fad has recently expanded to include spoofs featuring Nintendo's Game And Watch series instead of Tiger Handhelds.
== See also... ==
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