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September 23, 2005
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Syncan is the renowned creator of many widely popular YTMND sites, such as "Chunk is Indestructible", "Tom Cruise Needs Therapy", and "Willy Wonka's Acid Trip".

He is the developer/creator of the YTMND Flash Preloader and Private Messaging System.

He is also well known to put an unbelievable amount of effort into his YTMNDs, usually creating gifs and music by himself such as in "Super Conan Bike 64"

In The Media

On February 8th, 2006, Syncan won Attack of the Show's "User Created Challenge" segment, in which viewers were asked to "make a kick ass YTMND".

YTMND Hall of Fame

Syncan joins site founder Max Goldberg and user xxblindchildxx, as the only contributors to have more than one YTMND reach Hall of Fame status.

Chunk is Indestructible has become so popular that it is commonly used as a website avatar, as well as used as content on other humor websites.

YTMND Evolution

Syncan is often noted as a revolutionary of YTMND; an evolution from traditional sites to more advanced YTMNDs which employ original edited sequences from movies and television, and audio editing.

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