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  • '''No''' is an interjection in the English language used to express doubt, refusal, or disbelief. ...e movie, Darth Vader, having just been encased in his famous armor, shares the following dialogue with Emperor Palpatine:
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  • {{ibprofile|stratos-the-bratos|stratos-the-bratos}} ...omics' Superman and the subject of a fad based on the following scene from the 2006 movie ''Superman Returns'':
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  • ...of lines from the same scene from ''[[Finding Forrester]]''. To this date, the fourth corner still has new things made of it. ...d in the trailer being the background noises of the young author typing on the keyboard of an early typewriter.
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  • Walker, Texas Ranger: Made popular from Late Night with [[Conan O'Brien]] and the "Walker, Texas Ranger Lever". The music used is ''Everyone has AIDS'', ''movie Team America'', ''World Police
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  • ... Factory.'' Usually, a site creator will take lines, bits, and pieces from the speech to get his or her point across. == The Speech ==
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  • ...'s voice began to be inserted into various movie and TV quotes/situations. The most popular use of Ugoff quotes have been dance remixes and user gimmicks. == Attack of the Ugoff Clones ==
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  • ...fads almost never consist of only the elements indicated for them. Indeed, the fads could not be as popular without variation or a nice cup of coffee and ... materials. In instances where all the materials are from the same source, the elements build upon one another to make even a throw-away line one of signi
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  • ... which the singer seems to mumble incoherent gibberish. Usually, however, the song is falsely credited to El Mudo. It became a fad when MowtenDoo created ...atman look like a retarded man speaking complete nonsense. The success of the site easily inspired a fad of high-speed animations of people acting retard
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  • A list of all the entries for the [[Dew Army]] contest. Dead links are marked with 'deleted'. == So the list begins... ==
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  • The '''Bill Cosby''' fad was first popularized on YTMND by ''The Simpsons'' episode ''Children of a Lesser Clod''. ...asking a child "What do you like to play?" during an episode of ''Kids Say the Darndest Things'', hosted by Cosby himself in reality.
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  • ...not tolerate little boys running around in their channel (well, depends on the channel. Some welcome little boys with open arms. And legs.) unwillingly ra ...nt you from talking to any one particular person on that network (with all the usual optimization one might imagine). There are a vast number of separate
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  • -- Obi-Wan on The YTMNSFW Forums ...ulation consisted largely of the same clique of people circle-jerking over the years, and whenever new people did arrive they were quickly shunned away.
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  • compilation of musical recordings used in [[fads]] and popular pages on the [[YTMND]] web site, maintained by [[User:fyrestorm|fyrestorm]]. ...le]). The YTMND community eventually recognized fyrestorm's compilation as the site's official soundtrack.
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  • |title3=OBEY The Drones ...rom Marilyn Manson's ''Rock is Dead,'' specifically the quote ''"God is in the TV."''
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  • |title2=The Dude visits George Zimmer |title3=You're Gonna Like The Way You Look
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  • ...awing shown, opting to focus on {{ytmnd|nelsonfadeaway|an unrelated random thing outside}} or {{ytmnd|nelsowned|a violent act}}. {{fad}}{{tv}} [[Category: The Simpsons]]
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  • ...isms in the cage, holding one lever while pegging one on the other side of the cage with a shoe, which causes a machine to play a song, declare "reward" a ...observation that it "only took the bears two hours" to figure out the same thing, and his offer, "bring you some antiseptic later".
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  • ...cs behind what decides a site's average rating, if you actually care about the number of red stars on a website that not every person will see. First off, ... to get you pissed off over red-colored stars to get their kicks. The only thing worse than an blind [[downvote|downvote]] is a person who gets their pantie
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  • If you watermark something people will know who made it so the image dosen't get stolen and placed on websites like *Ebaums World (Stole the Lindsay Lohan Facial Expressions Gif)
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  • ... sitcom "'''Cheers'''". Various ytmnd were added into the images shown in the opening sequence. became a moderator's favorite and a favorite of [[max]]. The site is in the YTMND Hall of Fame.
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  • ...of the YTMND 2.0 update, the moderator favorite list has been removed from the site, though they can still be viewed by heading to max's favorites. ...icate any movie, TV show, music, video game, person, fad, etc. involved in the ytmnd. Bolded ones indicate classic PST sites.
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  • ...and was hard at work creating a whole slew of them, as well as the rest of the FPA. ...xamples of ridiculous "alternate universe" fad jokes started by members of the Forgot Poland Army.
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  • ...t boxes on the front page, while this information could be used to exploit the system, it's not too hard to figure out on your own.'' '''"Up and Coming YTMNDS"''': YTMNDs created within the last 48 hours that have a score above 3.0 and a number of votes fitting bet
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  • ...iding a horse during a "vicious cockfight" among all the news anchors from the different television stations. Brick always ends with his trademark smile. There are currently 11 official entries into the series, but there are several unofficial sites made by both Ozone31 and tri
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  • ...receive 5,000 comments. Thanks Dave. Dave Cockrum was recently featured in the fad compilation "Caricature YTMND" by [ n8dogg ===The founding 6===
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  • |title1=BIPFT: The Aftermath ...). Most fad sites will have other images censored with a red X along with the quote.
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  • [ A YTMND forum member]. Also, the name of a site made by [[Kassius]] that got redistributed by [[max]] to typ ...b the domain, and typogra won, securing the domain. Typogra later replaced the placeholder picture with a picture of Fanfare and a loop of "Champions" by
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  • ...ntless or crappy sites. While many users who "spam" comments do so without the intent to annoy, in general a comment spammer's main focus is to either pis
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  • ''A "Night of the Unicorns" is a curious YTMND phenomenon in which the actual website is profoundly, yet temporarily, changed.'' ==The Incident==
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  • |title3=PACARD THROWS AN EPIC PARTY ON THE USS ENTERHIGHZ |title4=Pacard saves the day while on vacation (why it was an epic vacation and not an ordinary one,
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  • {{Site Infobox|name=The Gay Plaza ==The Site==
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  • |title1=New Trailer for The Simpons Movie ...f8ddf16104cb96be5f4a2111a4ca0fe7.mp3 Hydrocity Zone Act 1 song] from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 starts.
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  • .... Users in the channel regularly hold theme nights in which each person in the channel makes sites based on a particular theme and advertises #?!. [ RETURN OF THE WALKER TOLD ME I HAVE AIDS]<br>
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  • |title2= The cake is NOT a lie. ...rtal, and vice versa, while maintaining momentum. This game is included in the Half Life 2 Orange Box.
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  • ...mes sound effects, Wesley Willis quickly gained enormous cult following in the 1990s after releasing several hundred songs of simple but unique music, wit ...f Rock 'N Roll, and was soon given the title, "The Daddy of Rock 'N Roll." The content of his songs varied, but usually were categorized. He wrote songs a
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  • When reporting a bug please include the following: * URLs of examples of the issue.
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  • |title3=Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Understand The Matrix |title5=o'Reilly hates the opera
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