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{{Fad Infobox|name=Rooney
{{Fad Infobox|name=Rooney
|originalTitle=Wayne Rooney Loves to Breakdance
|originalTitle=Wayne Rooney Loves to Breakdance
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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
[[Zinedine Zidane]]
[[Zinedine Zidane]], another fad based on a soccer player

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Original YTMND:
Wayne Rooney Loves to Breakdance  
by GordonFremen 
April 11, 2011  
Worthy spinoffs:

Rooney (also known as RooneyTMND is a fad based on English footballer Wayne Rooney. The image used is a clip of Rooney rolling back and forth on the pitch. The original site was by user GordonFremen, who edited the image so that Rooney breakdanced; he later made a contest for sites that used the clip, making it into a fad.

Contest Winners

On May 13, GordonFremen named his ten favorite sites from the contest. These were:

10. Rooney goes back in time to play a real sport and causes Scott Norwood to miss the field goal in Super Bowl XXV (GaryGnu)
9. A galaxy of rooneys (pubby8)
8. Rooney Attempts Sex (flotilla)
7. Rooney watches Pokemon (pubby8)
6. Rooney is the Worst Boss (yourdogisnowtheman)
5. Blue Moon Zone (Harbltron)
4. Holdin' On (Lastimero)
3. A Better Game (jimmm)
2. The Battle for Britain (pubby8)
1. Saving the World (Lastimero)

See Also

Zinedine Zidane, another fad based on a soccer player