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Original YTMND:
Best Vent Bind Ever (Roflcopter)  
Worthy spinoffs:

My roflcopter goes soi soi soi soi soi tche tche tche tche tche tche tche tche tche tche tche tche soi soi dfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfe.

The roflcopter/vent bind fad started with dReWBaCCa's Vent Bind Roflcopter. This spawned a few mildly successful variants with vent bind, such as Vent Bind Sprinkler, Vent Bind Sean Connery, Vent Bind UFO Landing. The small fad in itself consisted of using a screen shot of making a ventrilo bind with the sound on the site. The sound of course was always Microsoft Sam saying whatever was in the Ventrilo bind.


Vent Bind itself didn't go off as much as Roflcopter specifically. The success of Roflcopter spawned various sites which mainly concentrated on the Roflcopter itself, rather than any other items. While Vent Bind was a small fad, Roflcopter broke off and turned into an even bigger one for a while. Some good examples of this fad are Roflcopter Takeoff, Secret Nazi Roflcopter, LOL HL2 Roflcopter, and Conan Roflcopter.

Roflcopter's influence

The Roflcopter inspired several other Text-to-Speech sites. TTS in itself became it's own fad, although it used a different voice. Another fad that started through Roflcopter is the Rofl- fad which takes the idea of Roflcopter and brings it to a more open level by taking on various forms (sound effects, songs, movies, etc.), similar to the way a few TTS sites did, but more singular in focus.

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