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{{Fad Infobox 2|name=Ridin Dirty
|exampletitle=Trying to catch Hitler riding dirty
|title1=Ridin Dirty: Backpack style
|title2=Biff is ridin dirty
|title3=Blanka is Ridin' Dirty
|title4=Picard be ridin dirty
|title5=Little Kid Ridin Dirty
Ridin Dirty (Ridin) is a song by rapper Chamillionaire.  The song portrays the abuse of power of police officers.  The song has been a popular choice among ytmnd'ers.
Sites using the song will involve either of the following:
*Various people driving a car
*People or cars getting drenched in mud or other dirty substances
*In the rarest occasion, sites may be racist of matter or depict racial profiling.
The song is sometimes considered NARVish due to lack of originality with sites, but not to the extent as other NARVish fads.
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