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"I'm Raven, I'm Raven....."

There are a number of ytmnds that involve a character that goes by the name of Raven, and features Scooter "I'm ravin', I'm ravin', I'm ravin' till the sweat drops fall down on me!"

Some examples: Raven the wrestler Raven the Teen Titans character Vulcan Raven the Metal Gear Solid character

    • I haven't seen that yet become popular. I don't think it's a fad yet.
    • That was a rip-off of a Shut Up and Dance track ("Raving I'm Raving" by Smiley, P.J., and Cohn, featuring Peter Bouncer), which itself stole the melody from "Walking in Memphis" (a subsequent lawsuit over this ended Shut Up and Dance): Back to the Old Skool