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Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is a long running live-action sci-fi children's television series aired worldwide. It adapts footage from a Japanese action/adventure series called "Super Sentai" and incorporates it with English-speaking actors, new locations, and sometimes its own original storylines. The original series revolved around five heroes in independently-coloured spandex fighting monsters dispatched by their regular adversaries every week. The usual monster battles in PR end (though not all of them), with the monster being enlarged and the Rangers finishing him off with giant mecha known as "Zords", which can form into one giant robot known as "The Megazord".

Usage on YTMND

The series has gone through multiple changes over the past few seasons, dropping the "Mighty Morphin" part of its title in 1996 and gradually phasing out many of the fan favorite characters over the next three. YTMND's majority heavily favors the earliest seasons of the series and base many of their fads only around the original MMPR series.

Some of the major Mighty Morphin Power Ranger fads include:

  • Parodies of the group replaced by YTMND characters.
  • The 2005 Hurricane Rita incident, where Rita caused damage in Texas and Louisiana. In this case, 'Rita' refers to the villain of the show, Rita Repulsa.
  • Song modified so it sounds like Zordon, the mind behind the Power Rangers, is singing.
  • A gif from the season two episode "Rocky Just Wants To Have Fun", where the Red Ranger runs around in a maniacal childish fit of joy, has been used time and again by users, mostly incorporating the lol, internet and Wonderful Time fads. The use of this gif has been criticized as it is overused.
  • The zaza fad incorporates a gif of Black Ranger Zack Taylor dancing.

It is very common for gifs from the show to be reused in a parasitic way.


The music used in the site is the main Power Rangers theme by Aaron Waters. The full song was included on Volume 2 of the YTMND Soundtrack, and an enhanced version with a longer intro was included on the YTMND Remastered Soundtrack.

Another popular theme from MMPR is the Bulk and Skull theme. Its best use was a site by MasterSitsu involving a comic strip from Family Circus mockery of parents buying their children anime titles without checking or approving the content. The anime movie used was from the cult Hentai movie "Legend of the Overfiend". MasterSitsu created the site based on his previous experience while working at a video store, where adults would constantly buy anime movies thinking that their kids would like it.

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