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PoHandle is a popular ytmnd user well known around the community for creation of the Hooker Boots fad. He is good friends with fellow ytmnd user doctorhamgasm and they often talk on teh fayshbuk websot page about huckerboatz and stuff. If you wish to join them you can add them and other users like flavius in this face book group: [1]

Really Fucking asian

Po is also a member of the gabbly gang, and the only know asian member . Thus it can be assumed that he is a very bad driver and a math nerd. Once, he got really drunk and called doctorhamgasm and hilarity ensued.

Did I mention he is asian?

seriously, listen here: [2] his voice sounds like a mixture between jackie chan and james earl jones.

Oh and he's gay

He is dating star track fag asian George Takei