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A YTMND parasite

The YTMND parasite ( homo psoriasis ) is said to be the very worst of all YTMND epidemics. This parasite feeds on pre-existing YTMNDs and memes, and resubmits or rehashes them either without any meaningful alteration.

The two types of parasites are both, more often than not, sycophantic. They are self-hating users that will do anything to feel good about themselves.

Types of Parasites

1.The "Thief" Parasite

This is a Parasite that relies mainly on stealing from other sites and is often in the NARV or TROLL category. Though this type is often less psychotic, revenge voting rates among them is still rather high.

2.The "Editor" Parasite

The "Editor" Parasites are the more efficient of the two. They are easily able to yoke NARVS and other Parasites to spread their eggs. These parasites are far more willing to spend time editing material to meet these needs and are even able to coordinate with others. Their sites rely on gloss as gimmick but are ultimately unfunny rehash that is repulsive to the intelligent individual.


There is no known cure from Parasites. All YTMND users are free reign to this plague. The only defense is to label the site a "Parasite" if it is known to be stolen from another submission or contains lots of glossy editing but is ultimately vapid. For the latter, labeling is futile; countless NARVS will obscure the claim. Today this is especially evident as the top lists are filled with unfunny trash. The difference between the "Parasite", and a NARV site, is that the Parasite infects its own host, and it doesn't take images from outside sources.

note: some users with Parasites say that they got the image from MySpace, or another forum, and have posted it from there. One must realize that most high quality gifs are from YTMND, and should be researched before submitting.

What you can do

Be sure to let infected Parasite users know they are carrying the virus by telling them their site is a "Parasite", and notifying the proper authorities. Original sites that are victim of the parasite are immune to the label of "Parasite", only the stolen site should be branded as such. Unfortunately, most parasites leave their 'creations' up long after it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they have stolen, as you will see below.

Asset feature

YTMND's new 'asset' feature allows users to click the cited origin of a site to see what other users have used the same picture or sound. This is an excellent way to determine if a site has been stolen. It is very important to cite your images or else it will create confusion if and when another user finds your gif on the Internet and posts it on YTMND. Example - This link gives a listing of all sites to use the "What Is Love" gif of Katamari Damacy - not one user has cited the image as their own. The only way to check then is by checking the dates posted, but even that is not a 100% indication the gif originated on YTMND.

Parasite Awareness Network

# User Infected with Damages Result
01 "ollj" NARV..? quote ollj: "no citing for re-used stuff needed since you can just klick it." images stolen from other YTMNDs, no credit given, will downvote all sites of someone (even if previously voted higher) simply because he has a different opinion on a random issue
02 "AbortionsTickle" Parasites/ NARVism images from Somethingawful, credits stolen gifs as "O RLY" ...
03 "Nigga-stole-your-site" Parasite Awful gimmick user who steals various "NSMB" sites Extreme sycophant
04 "forshizzle" Parasite Stolen sound and images Account deleted
05 "biohazard9" Parasites Stolen sound and images yet makes fun of Ebaum for stealing
06 "ryanschmidtty" Parasites Stolen sound and images
07 "BWS12344" Parasites Stolen sound and images Deleted his sites due to this article
08 "lalunamel" Parasites Stolen sound and images Deleted infected site
09 "joshrps135" Parasites Stolen sound and images (deleted his sites due to this article)
10 "SlyReaper" Parasites Stolen sound and images
11 "Dustino66" Parasites Stolen sound and images
12 "bigboylive2008" Parasites Stolen sound and images
13 "Crunkmasta" Parasties Stolen sound and images
14 "beezie" Parasites Stolen sound and images
15 "genstar" Parasites Stolen images including FutureConan and NSMB

as an example of the number of parasites out there, the following users all stole the Hall of Fame site "Chunk Is Indestructible" "IronCobra3000"
"lolocauster" (deleted thanks to this article)

the following users stole the Hall of Fame site "Cosby Bebop"

the following users stole the Hall of Fame site "Nigga Stole Conan's Bike"

top 20 resubmitted images. (not entirely accurate, but worthy viewing)