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Creator: user
Created on: variable
Sound origin: stolen
Image origin: stolen

The YTMND parasite ( thefticus ripoffisis ) is the very worst of all YTMND epidemics. Although rare, this parasite feeds on pre-existing YTMNDs and resubmits them without any alteration (save for removing text, or using different sound) as sites of their own making. Parasites believe that stealing from other YTMND users is ok. Parasites rarely offer sound and image origins because they have stolen it from other sites, and revealing the origin would result in its exposure to the light, and light is what kills Parasites, also vaccines.

There is no known cure from Parasites. All YTMND users are free reign to this plague. The only defense is to label the site a "Parasite" if it is known to be stolen from another submission. The difference between the "Parasite", and a NARV site, is that the Parasite infects its own host, and it doesn't take images from outside sources.

note: some users with Parasites say that they got the image from MySpace, or another forum, and have posted it from there. One must realize that most high quality gifs are from YTMND, and should be researched before submitting.

What you can do
Be sure to let infected Parasite users know they are carrying the virus by telling them their site is a "Parasite", and notifying the proper authorities. Original sites that are victim of the parasite are immune to the label of "Parasite", only the stolen site should be branded as such. Unfortunately, most parasites leave their 'creations' up long after it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they have stolen, as you will see below.

Asset feature
YTMND's new 'asset' feature allows users to click the cited origin of a site to see what other users have used the same picture or sound. This is an excellent way to determine if a site has been stolen.

Parasite Awareness Network

Table of Shame

User Infected with Stolen Stolen
01 CROOKED-WOOD Parasite deleted due to theft Template:Deleted)
02 Tube & Berger Straight Ahead Conan O'Brien Conan is...AN ALLIGATOR
03 Eric Prydz Call on Me Facial expressions / Call On Me fad Paris Hilton doesn't change facial expressions (original sound)
04 Snoop Dogg Drop It Like It's Hot Various mash-ups snoop doing it old school, REAL old school
05 Baltimora Tarzan Boy Gay Fuel, Spoiler Sonic Spoiler
06 The Simpsons Dr. Zaius Dr Zaius Dr Zaius Dr Zaius
07 Heather Dale This Endris Night Medieval medieval nigga stole my steed
08 Darius Rucker Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Burger King ad parodies I love the tender crisp bacon chedder ranch (Original)
09 O-Zone Dragostea din Tei Phonetic interpretations / Dancing English Interpretation of Numa Numa Yay (refresh)
10 World Wrestling Entertainment Muhammad Hassan Muhammad Hassan interruptions / Muhammad Pictures Pee-Wee gets HASSAN'D (refresh)
11 Marko Polo Speedy Speed Boy Butt racing Butt Racing Grand Prix
12 Rx Who's the Nigga? list George Bush SINGS AND CARES about black people!
13 Television Theme Songs The Price is Right Victory Fad You knew they'd get it first....
14 Television Theme Songs The Flintstones Hurricane Wilma Meet Hurricane Wilma
15 Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out It's not a defect, it's a feature! Sony PSP
16 Sharon I'm in the Mood for Dancing HOTTEST. GIRL. EVER. WOW.
17 Television Theme Songs German Super Mario Bros. Phonetic interpretations German Super Mario Brothers Super Show
18 Liam Lynch United States Of Whatever "United States of ..." United States of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
19 MC Hammer U Can't Touch This list HAMMER TIME
20 Immortals Mortal Kombat (Theme I) Darth Vader vs Dave Chappelle... Mortal Kombat !

"CROOKED-WOOD" (DELETED for constant theft)
"biohazard9" (yet makes fun of Ebaum for stealing)
"BWS12344" (deleted his sites thanks to this article)
"Singularity" (deleted offending site)

as an example of the number of parasites out there, the following users all stole the Hall of Fame site "Chunk Is Indestructible" "IronCobra3000"
"lolocauster" (deleted thanks to this article)

the following users stole the Hall of Fame site "Cosby Bebop"

the following users stole the Hall of Fame site "Nigga Stole Conan's Bike"

top 20 resubmitted images. (not entirely accurate, but worthy viewing)