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Original YTMND:
Metal Gear Solid Giant Enemy Crab Battle
by xSerothx
May 17, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

Giant Enemy Crab (or Massive Damage) is a fad started soon after Sony's 2006 pre-E3 press conference, in which one of the lead designers of the PlayStation 3 action title, Genji 2, explained that the entire game was based on real events in Japanese history, but the level he played afterwards suggested that, instead, he meant events based on Japanese mythology. Among these points were real time weapon changing, magical pillar weapons, and the notorious Giant Enemy Crab.

Other targets of criticism in the presentation include the mention of "real-time weapon change" and "real-time character change", when the presenter identified the ability to change weapons and characters during gameplay as "new features." This statement was misinterpreted as implying that such features were new to videogames as a whole, although in actuality, the presenter simply meant that the features were new to the Genji series. Since then, the statement has been widely ridiculed and joked about, adding it to the many other popular memes associated with the game.

This fad includes, most commonly, these portions of his presentation:

  • "Genji 2 is an action game based on Japanese history. Being based on history, the stages of the game are also based on actual battles which took -- actually took place in ancient Japan."
  • "So here's this Giant Enemy Crab."
  • "I'll flip it on its back."
  • "Attack its weakpoint for massive damage."
  • "The team at Game Republic has come back to us with a bunch of great new features for this game. Including such features as real-time weapon change and real-time character change."
  • "Which can only be made possible with the power of the PlayStation 3."

This fad is commonly paired with the Ridge Racer and 599 US dollars fads, since they took place during the same press conference.