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Original YTMND:
Osaka Osaka! (See, it's clever because it's Osaka and she's in Osaka.)  
Worthy spinoffs:

Osaka, real name Ayumu Kasuga, is a rather dim-witted character from the anime Azumanga Daioh. She is known for images featuring her vacant expression and acts of stupidity.

Throwing the Shoe

Most popular is a gif featuring her kicking her shoe off into the street. In the anime, the shoe is carried off by a fast-moving truck. This sequence is often replaced by other outcomes, such as the falling shoe resulting in an exploding ship or hydrogen bomb. It is one of the many YTMND fads to come from 4chan.


Another fad that elevated Osaka to common YTMND knowledge was the Technologic fad that showed a looping .gif image of Osaka that synced easily with the Daft Punk song "Technologic". That very same gif has been used countless times by other YTMND users, only put to different songs. Actually, their have been quite a few copies put to the same "Technologic" song.


Osaka can also be seen in the "Azumanga Rave" fad, in where the "Bonklers," the lowest scoring people in the series (Tomo, Kagura, and Osaka) do a wierd dance. Someone photoshoped flashing lights and glowsticks in thier hands, and ta-da, a rave. This image has also been used countless times.

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