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{{iboriginal|rikerpeeks|Riker has NO CLASS.}}
{{ibdate|May 2006|May 10, 2006}}
|title1=MacGyver has NO class
|title2=Ron Stoppable & Kim Possible have NO class
|title3=Indiana Jones has NO class
|title4=Students have NO CLASS.
|title5=Batman does have CLASS!}}
{{ibt|Used Music}}
{{ibm|Joe Hisashi|[http://ytmnd.com/assets/4aef297e851ec46d523c19b443a8784f  Riverside]}}
The '''No Class''' fad began on May 10, 2006 with the site "Riker has NO CLASS.", which was an altered image from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Rascals".  The image originally showed Riker looking at a younger Picard.  The altered image added toilets to show that both were in the bathroom and Riker was "peeking" at the boy.  The music that was used was Joe Hisashi's Riverside from the movie Kikujiro and is on Volume 11 of the [[YTMND Soundtrack]].
After the initial fads, a string of other ytmnds followed, usually showing sexual innuedos with various shows, movies, etc.
== Kim Possible ==
On July 14, 2006, a mini-subfad emerged involving a scene from the Disney Cartoon Kim Possible, showing the two characters Kim and Ron Stoppable changing clothes outside a building as they were preparing to go undercover.  The original site called {{ytmnd|ronhasclass|Ron Stoppable HAS Class...|}} showed the original scene, but it wasn't until a site on July 15 that had an altered image to show that Kim had become naked and Ron was staring at her.  The next few days would see various variants of the original site.
== No Class in Context ==
During the fad, trap sites were created.  Various ytmnds began to show empty classrooms and items that were ranked in no classes. Usually, these sites feature a piano version of the "Riverside" song. These sites are still common on ytmnd.
Some other sites:
{{ytmnd|linknoclass|Link has NO class}}
{{ytmnd|caseclosed|College students have NO class}}
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