Nintendo 64 kid

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Nintendo 64 kid
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Original YTMND:
Nintendo 64 Kid
by SuperSnake2012
March 26, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

The Nintendo 64 kid fad incorporates an internet film clip of a young boy and his sister exclaiming their joy when they unwrap their Christmas presents to reveal a Nintendo 64 game system. The boy cries out in glee saying "OH MY GOD!", and "NINTENDO 64, THANK YOU". This video is from kuzmadv, and is according to him, taken on Christmas 1998. The identity of the boy is Kuzmadv, the girl is his younger sister Rachael. The Wikipedia article verifies these facts.

Curious Behavior

The video is peculiar because of the extreme overzealous reaction to the present that the boy exhibits. Once revealing the contents of his gift, the "Nintendo 64 kid" begins to claw at the box as if to dig towards the contents inside.

Video Quality

A common complaint about the N64 fad is the quality of the original video. Due to Youtube's horrific compression algorithm, the N64 kid appears blocky, distorted and difficult to work with in image editing programs. Recently, a higher quality version of the video surfaced on the website of the Nintendo 64 kid [1]


The Nintendo 64 kid was found online, all grown up. Several people have invited him to YTMND Ventrilo, and he said his legendary line in a phonecall with Michael Wolfson.

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