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January 01, 2006
Avg. site rating: *
Avg. vote rate: ***** of unknown
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NARV is an acronym for New Age Retarded Voters. As of January 2006, YTMND has had a rise in popularity and has attracted a wider range of user base. Without knowing exactly the age of the users, and level of sophistication, NARVs seem to be inexperienced and their influence can be attributed to the rise in votes for relatively novice sites that would have never reached popularity in the hey-day of YTMND's past. This is a result of these voters appealing to the lowest common denominator and upvoting almost everything they see. NARVs seem to have no knowledge of YTMND history or the classics that define the tone of the website at large, and have no desire to learn, unlike the common noob. Many NARVs will dedicate all their votes to being either * or *****. A NARV is not simply a hated downvoter or attention whore that many have deemed "retarded."

NARV-like behavior is not entirely new to YTMND. In the days of "ualualualue" and "ridin' spinnaz", you could find this type of user on YTMND. However, by rising in numbers they have justified each others stealing of already well known "funny pictures" from sites throughout the Internet, be they from other YTMND users (see Parasite), 4chan, b3ta, SomethingAwful, screenshots of bizarre news stories, and so forth. Due to a lessening amount of users willing to openly downvote or point out site theft for fear of being "e-venged", NARVism has flourished.

NARVs are not unique to YTMND, either. Any site that features “original” content and a voting system is vulnerable to NARV invasions. See: YTMND NARV becomes a YouTube NARV. (WARNING: extreme NARVism)

NARVs that actually create YTMNDs rarely, if ever, use Google or YTMND's own search feature to see if their site has been made already. They do, however, believe it to be funny or cute to claim the source to be "internets."


Some users consider any voter who they do not like, eg. a downvoter, an eBaum's World supporter, or who is generally disliked, to be a NARV. Many use the term simply to describe any user who they feel is ruining the website. The phrase has been thrown around loosely, and one should be careful of such accusations, seeing if the accused meet the symptoms described in this article.

Horrible Music Taste

NARVs seem to enjoy overdone fad music, such as Axel F, The Price is Right "failure" sound, the Super Mario Bros. theme song, Ghost Love Score by Nightwish, anything by Simple Plan, Final Fantasy soundtracks, or older YTMND "fad" songs that have long been retired.

Bottom Feeders

NARVs create and cluster around fad sites that require the least amount of work, continuing to make and upvote them long after the fad has peaked. Most notably:

Artist's interpretation of a typical NARV

Not all of these fads are undistinguishable. The original submissions of these fads mentioned are worthy, but NARVs blindly upvote any site containing these elements without discernable inference. NARVs quickly obliterate fads by attaching gifs posted many times before on YTMND with the new fad music, creating a "double unoriginality" syndrome that experienced YTMNDers find unbearable.

Offenders/Prominent NARVs

# User NARV level Crimes Against YTMND
01 vex5 Critical AOTS contest runnerup with stolen material; posts stolen material; resubmits to make top 15, then downvotes all other sites on the up-and-coming list so he can make the top 15.
02 FanaticallyInsane666 Stable Posts stolen material.
03 deepbluevibes Stable Votes either 1 or 5, allmost all his sites are NSFW.
04 Keyblademaster99 Critical Downvotes all Classic style YTMNDs, but has yet to make a YTMND.
05 BananaClock Critical Fond of the "Van Damme dancing" GIF, which has been posted over 100 times before.
06 zuljinforthewin Stable Update - seems to just be a troll account, not a true NARV.
07 likeakiller Critical True NARV, by title definition.
08 Tal27 Critical Split voter, even upvotes sites without sound; e-venges.
09 scorpkris Caution Puts other GIFs to the new NARV fad music; makes screenshot YTMNDs.
10 sboss Critical NARV voter; NARV site maker; revenge voter.
11 Acidrainman Hopeless 100% NARV.
12 zalbane Critical Entirely split voter, WoW YTMNDs.
13 WTL Stable Split voter.
14 SenatorZuul Stable Loves all crappy fads; a "bad" upvoter; admits to e-venging.
15 Dallin Critical It's amazingly obvious.
16 nathanfat37 Critical E-venger; relentless nag; dead fad whore.
17 n4rvst Hopeless NARV and proud of it, but apparently just an attention whore. (see downvoter) Has recently upped his game by posting stolen GIFs of popular YTMNDs with the audio dubbed over with a laugh track.
18 redhex Critical Split voter; relentless nag.
19 Lambon Critical Split voter; genuine dumbass; loves "fuck you" posts.
20 Ziggah Critical Picking up on a theme here?
21 chimp-toaster Critical ...because you should.
22 rawr Caution Homophobic, jingoistic, evenging junior high reject. Can't spell the word "hamster," but loves to insult people anyway.
23 yourpenis Hopeless A NARV that calls other users NARVs.
24 EmoFTW Critical Split voter; has never even 3'd or 4'd.
25 JazRad Caution Split voter; CRAPTMND enjoyer.
26 blizzard Hopeless Lacks sense of humor; mass downvotes non-WoW sites; posts links to viruses in comment pages.
27 st00pid-n00b Hopeless Only votes * and *****; downvotes sites that clearly don't deserve it.
28 jimtownresident Hopeless Massive split voter; votes on whether or not he likes the movie the GIF is recorded from.
29 galaxhood Hopeless Big time split voter; upvotes crap and downvotes good sites.
30 dunesw64 Caution General troll; e-venger; split voter.
31 SIZK Stable Big split voter, but somewhat new user; wait and see.
32 spatan117 Caution Not entirely split voter, but downvotes often (and has the nerve to whine about downvoting).
33 falco1234 Critical Split voter; repetitive "gay" styled comments.
34 Kratos222 Caution Split voter; obsessed with penis pumps and advertising IRC channels that no-one could possibly care less about.

Anti-NARV sites