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{{iboriginal|ronaldsheritage|Ronalds Heritage}}<!-- sic -->
{{ibdate|August 2006|August 03, 2006}}
|title1=The Time Traveler's Heritage
|title2=My Heritage Fails
|title3=I'm a Nigga
|title4=Shakira's Heritage Betrayal
|title5=My Heritage is the Man Now Dog
{{ibt|Search topics}}
'''My Heritage''' was a [[fad]] that started the morning of August 3rd, 2006, when a user created {{ytmnd|ronaldsheritage|Ronalds Heritage}}.  Many then went to [http://www.myheritage.com MyHeritage.com], uploaded whatever photos they had (to see what celebrity face match they would get), and made several variations, including {{ytmnd|timetravelersfather|The Time Traveler's Heritage}}, {{ytmnd|heritagefails|My Heritage Fails}}, and {{ytmnd|imaniggachick7|I'm a Nigga}}.
The fad died around an hour or two after its conception, after many users complained that it was stupid and pointless. Though it wasn't as bad as [[googlefight|Googlefights]].
{{stub}}{{fad}}[[Category:NARVish fads]]

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