Metal Gear Solid

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Metal Gear Solid
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Original YTMND:
Mario Gear Solid
by toastypk
May 17, 2004
Worthy Spinoffs:

The Metal Gear fad takes the death sequence from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, where Otacon is calling out Snake in a memorable way:


The first site though did not feature Otacon calling out to Snake, but Luigi calling out to Mario:


The original site became popular for it's time and eventually spawned spinoffs months later featuring other fad characters of 2004 (like Ugoff, Kirk, etc...). The fad never really became full-blown instantly, but rather, grew at a steady rate, sometimes spawning multiple sites each day. Eventually, the Metal Gear fad was noticed in 2005, and has sometimes made it's way to various fad conglomerates.

"Metal Gear _____"/"_____ Gear Solid"/"Metal ____ Solid" sites still spawn once in a while, most of them taking in decent ratings.

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