Max Goldberg

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Date of first site
You're the man now, created July 6th, 2001
April 6th, 2004
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: *** of July 12th, 2006
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Max Goldberg is a New York City resident who works in advertising. Goldberg registers a tone of dispassionate wonder at the phenomenon he has let loose on the Web and makes little attempt to explain its popularity. He is known for having created the first YTMND site. He has also been in charge of YTMND ever since its beginning. Max is the sole creator of YTMND.


Max enjoys drinking Grey Goose vodka and deleting users/YTMNDs.


  • In July 2006 max entered a Snakes on a Plane contest which rewards the fan with the most votes with a free screening of the movie along with 100 friends. As a special thankyou to the YTMNDers who have voted for him, max has offered to take YTMNDers from the NYC area to the screening. However, his place in the fan contest was removed because the managers of the SOAP fan contest discovered that someone had been votehacking his name. His votes were restored a few days before the end of the contest.

Jewish Heritage

Max's Jewish heritage is the subject of many jokes and fads, both on the frontpage and on the forums. This is the case because there are two things which we know for certain about Max: He is 24 years old, and he is a Jew.

In 2006, Max grew big jew mutton chops, much to the delight of his userbase.

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