Max's Toilet

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Max's Toilet
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Creator: State-of-mind
Created on: July 6, 2006
Sound origin: Typogra - After Dinner Party
Image origin: Created by State-of-mind

On July 6, 2006 at 11:08PM, State-of-mind created a well-received YTMND called Max's Toilet. The site was an "anti-fad" compilation of various fads moving around in a toilet, set to a remix by the user Typogra. The site was supposed to show how fads are to Max. It reached both the Up and Coming list and the Top 15. This YTMND was not particular well known when it was created. But after a few short hours since its conception, it had received well over 5 million views for that particular day, which would be nearly impossible to achieve.

Around 3:13AM, on the morning of July 7, 2006 (a little over 4 hours after its creation), having received a total of 5,002,691 views in just over 4 hours, many YTMND users suspected State-of-mind of viewhacking his YTMND. [1] Before these accusations of viewhacking grew out of hand, YTMND creator Max replied to the YTMND by saying, "i gave this an extra five million views". [2]

Max has yet to comment on why he chose this site to give an extra 5 million views added to it, though it accompanied several other edits to the front page while max was (allegedly) drunk.

The 5 million views have since been subtracted.

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