Max's Toilet

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Max's Toilet
Preview image
Creator: State-of-mind
Created on: July 6, 2006
Sound origin: Typogra - After Dinner Party
Image origin: Created by State-of-mind

On July 6, 2006 at 11:08PM, State-of-mind created a well-received YTMND called Max's Toilet. It reached both the Up and Coming list and the Top 15. This YTMND was not particular well known when it was created. But after a few short hours since its conception, it had received well over 5 million views for that particular day, which would be nearly impossible to achieve.

Around 3:13AM, on the morning of July 7, 2006 (a little over 4 hours after its creation), having received a total of 5,002,691 views in just over 4 hours, many YTMND users suspected State-of-mind of viewhacking his YTMND. [1] Before these accusations of viewhacking grew out of hand, YTMND creator Max replied to the YTMND by saying, "i gave this an extra five million views". [2] Max has yet to comment on why he chose this site to give an extra 5 million views added to it.