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Welcome to YTMND Wiki
your open source for YTMND info.
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The YTMND wiki aims to provide visitors useful information about YTMND, its fads and culture. Along with being an encyclopedia of all things YTMND, this wiki has a collection of guides and tutorials about creating and improving YTMNDs. If you see something on this site that you feel needs to be better, don't be afraid to create a login name and edit away. After all, this is a wiki!

Things to do

YTMND Wiki news

July 23, 2006

  • Muhammad Hassan marks YTMND Wiki's 200th article.
  • The image resizing feature is currently broken, so new thumbnails will not show for the time being.

July 17, 2006

  • Database errors: Lately, there have been error messages appearing after saving. Rest assured the edits have been saved. To see your changes, click the highlighted tab on the top of the page. We're working to get these bugs fixed.
  • YTMND Wiki gets moved to the new Forum server. Expect a few bugs or delays in saving over the next few days.
  • External images are currently disabled. All images which are shown from another server have been converted to URLs. To use them on the wiki right now, upload them.
  • YTMND Wiki can now be found at Please update your links and bookmarks, since the old address doesn't work anymore.
  • All YTMND-related articles from Fadwiki are being moved here. Most of them lack quality and need attention.
  • News section is put up to update about what's going on here at YTMND Wiki.

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