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Original YTMND:
Whose machines are these?  
Worthy spinoffs:

MAI MASHEENZ is a fad based on a scene from the show Scrubs. It displays a scene in from episode 301#: My own American girl (The first Episode of season 3) involving J.D, Turk, Carla and Dr. Moyer (Played by Lee Auenburg) arguing about who owns the CAT scanning machines. The original ytmnd was created by Bodster, on 2006-05-20.

Examples of Mai Masheenz Sites

Some cases of the sites are:

Poland Styled sites. example

Other audio from the scene slapped in like: ( Whose machines? and How is that helpful?)

Also another joke of the fad is John's head(whole gif)or J.D, Turk,and Carla (Also sometimes the whole gif) Edited mostly crudely on someone body. example

Video of the scene from the episode

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