Lol, internet

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lol, internet
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Original YTMND:
lol internet  
Worthy spinoffs:
Encyclopædia Dramatica has an article about LOL INTERNET.

lol, internet or Steam, Steam is a fad involving popular YTMND characters moving quickly in some sort of vehicle as they laugh (or lol) at certain objects, topics, or ideas.

It was originally created by Dunkinbean on March 7, 2005, showing Ronald McDonald pointing upwards at the sky and saying "lol, internet!"

A typical "lol, internet" YTMND would have a character in a moving vehicle or item overlaid on a motion-blurred background. Over their head in a speech bubble would be the phrase "lol, [object]!" where [object] can be any imaginable item.

The sound file most commonly linked to this type of YTMND is Runnin' in the 90s by Max Coveri.

A sub-fad of the "lol, internet" phenomenon is LOL collision which features multiple characters "crashing" into each other, typically ending in a nuclear explosion.

The PTKFGS version substitutes Ronald McDonald and his blue sports car for Colonel Sanders in a white golf cart saying "omg, internet", together with a loop of Max Coveri - Golden Age. [1]