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{{iboriginal|thelinemustbedrawnhere|Picard Draws The Line! (Refresh!!)}}
{{ibdate|November 2005|November 5, 2005}}
|title1=Picard Teaches Art Class
|title2=Walter and Picard both try teaching Art Class *updated - fixed woman's face*
|title3=Picard teaches an elementary school art class
|title4=Picard takes a firm stance on illegal immigration
|title5=PTKFGS Quark teaches art class
"The Line Must Be Drawn Here" is a line of dialogue spoken by Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the movie "Star Trek: First Contact."  The quote was first used during the 'Picard and Batman' war by the user benjrh, but it did not become a fad until February 2006 when the user SirLemming created a site called "Picard Teaches Art Class."  This is considered the second fad based on Picard (along with the [[Picard Song]].)
Fad sites will either show Picard teaching other classes or defining other rules.  Sometimes, other people may teach art class.
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