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April 24, 2004
Avg. site rating: ***
Avg. vote rate: *** of June 24, 2006
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Notable History

After the inception of the website in early April of 2004, Lina is credited with making the flagship ytmnd that got the site started, and is largely responsible for the momentum of the site since. As the mysterious white ghost of ytmnd, Lina has went on to create a furor with such notable sites as Took My 10 Cents. Promoting spooky action at a distance, lina's preeminence is still recalled in private messages by MasterSitsu, "I just saw that Cosby Bebop even has more votes than the original YTMND. wow. I hear people when they say "theres so many more users", but if thats it itself, the vote counts on a site like that would increase as well, and they don't seem to be... it tells me that there are thousands of new users without a basic understanding of YTMNDs roots, making sites and voting... if I'm a traditionalist about anything on this site, it would be about showing respect to the sites from forgotten legends like lina who made YTMND great."


Over the years the shadowy presence of this user on the site, forums, and IRC chat has resulted in considerable deliberation over many faithful ytmnd users. Conclusions range from a love interest of the sole proprietor to silent partner and generous provider of the hosting. Considering the 1980s pop culture theme apparent in several of her ytmnds: Are You the Keymaster??, Fuck Me Gently With a Chainsaw, Don't Fuck With the Babysitter and her obvious access to a photo booth at Wal-Mart it is believed that Lina is an aged homemaker and part time photgrapher residing in the mid-west. In real life, a decent person wouldn't let another human photograph them posing with a pumpkin.