Lifeguard Whale

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Lifeguard Whale
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Original YTMND:
The Lifeguard Whale Was Too Late  
Worthy spinoffs:

Lifeguard Whale

The first instance of Lifeguard Whale is RonaldRayGun's confused entry into TournyTMND, Funny YTMND Jokes which featured Lifeguard Whale floating above a pool as well as an ICBM launching in the background and Mark Wahlberg with a surgical mask on his face. Soon afterwards, RonaldRayGun realized that Lifeguard Whale had potential as his own fad. Lifeguard Whale was conceived as a fad character who would be the polar opposite of Moon Man-- in other words, caring, thoughtful, helpful, modest, and innocent. So far, the fad-defining and most popular Lifeguard Whale site is The Lifeguard Whale's Heroism Revealed. E.M.S. Dolphin was introduced in The Lifeguard Whale Succeeds, and later U.S. Coast Guard Shark was added to the cast. E.M.S. Dolphin and Lifeguard Whale were recently joined in marriage. Additions by other users include LW Ain't Coming Home and Lifeguard Whale Goes On Atkins.

About The Whale

There are several established traits to the fad and its characters. Lifeguard Whale is very conscious of tragedy in the world and occasionally becomes melancholy because of it. However, he knows how to party. E.M.S. Dolphin, Lifeguard Whale's wife, is female, and once seemed out of lifeguard whale's reach, as seen here. Lifeguard Whale's true title is "The Lifeguard Whale", the definite article being important, and all sites are titled this way. Lifeguard Whale's tears have cancer-curing properties, which the government once attempted to harness. U.S. Coast Guard Shark is Lifeguard Whale's best friend, as well as a drunk.