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Join date
June 5, 2004
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: ****
...as of July 8, 2006
Notable Sites:

leileilol is one of the original YTMND 2004 members and is notorious for hating furries, otakus, and faggots. She is well known for creating Nigga Stole My Bike, Punchout Remix.

She also has a large amount of sites created. (377)

She stopped creating sites as of April 2006, due to intelligence decline of the current audience of YTMND.

Hall of Fame YTMNDS

#1 Rated YTMNDs (past & present)

  • here too

Other Contributions

  • Forum mod until mid-2005 (Replaced by Eaglebird, reason: "cheapy is furry")

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Was only ever banned once on a forum. (The forum is Random Select MUGEN forums)
  • Does not condone forum raids of any kind.
  • Recently ditched gargoyle fandom in favor for DarkStalkers
  • Did not switch to Windows XP until 2006.
  • Has not been to a movie theater in ages.
  • Her software of choice is usually old 90's software versions, such as Cool Edit 1.31 for Windows 3.1 (1994), Paint Shop Pro 5 (1998) and Animation Shop 1 (1998).
  • Absolutely despises peer-2-peer.
  • Always attempts the most authentic way of doing "8-bit" sites by avoiding direct color conversions and actually redrawing the picture within the system's restricted screen dimensions.
  • Cooperated with tumult on What is NES?.
  • Big 80s and 90s CAPCOM fan.