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* Big 80s and 90s CAPCOM fan.
* Big 80s and 90s CAPCOM fan.
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Join date
June 5, 2004
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: ****
...as of July 8, 2006
Notable Sites:

leileilol is one of the original YTMND 2004 members and is notorious for hating furries, otakus, and faggots.

She also has a large amount of sites created. (377)

She stopped creating sites as of April 2006, due to intelligence decline of the current audience of YTMND.

#1 Rated YTMNDs (past & present)

  • here too

Other Contributions

  • Forum mod until mid-2005 (Replaced by Eaglebird, reason: "cheapy is furry")

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Was only ever banned once on a forum. (The forum is Random Select MUGEN forums)
  • Does not condone forum raids of any kind.
  • Recently ditched gargoyle fandom in favor for DarkStalkers
  • Did not switch to Windows XP until 2006.
  • Has not been to a movie theater in ages.
  • Her software of choice is usually old 90's software versions, such as Cool Edit 1.31 for Windows 3.1 (1994), Paint Shop Pro 5 (1998) and Animation Shop 1 (1998).
  • Absolutely despises peer-2-peer.
  • Always attempts the most authentic way of doing "8-bit" sites by avoiding direct color conversions and actually redrawing the picture within the system's restricted screen dimensions.
  • Cooperated with tumult on What is NES?.
  • Big 80s and 90s CAPCOM fan.