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{{YTMNDer Infobox|name=leileilol
|join date=June 5, 2004
|site average=****
|vote average=****
|date=July 8, 2006
|Caption1=Nigga stole my bike, Punchout remix.
|Caption2=What is NES love?
|Caption3=Badass Raffi's Banana Phone
|Caption4=Link's new bike
'''leileilol''' is one of the original YTMND 2004 members and is notorious for hating furries, otakus, and faggots.  She is well known for creating [[Nigga Stole My Bike]], Punchout Remix.
<!--better known as CheapAlert-->
She also has a large amount of sites created. (377)
[http://chegone.ytmnd.com She stopped creating sites] as of April 2006, due to intelligence decline of the current audience of YTMND.
==Other Contributions==
* The site [[w:en:Favicon|favicon.ico]]
* Forum mod until mid-2005 (Replaced by Eaglebird, reason: "cheapy is furry")
[[Category:Notable YTMNDers]]

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