Lee Kaplan

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Lee Kaplan
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Original YTMND:
Lee Kaplan is a douchebag.
by prettypedantic
June 11, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

Lee Kaplan is an self-proclaimed inveistigative joiurnalist [sic] and a contributor to Front Page Magazine. He is also a regular columnist employed by the Israel National News and Canada Free Press. He is also a senior intelligence analyst, and communications director for the Northeast Intelligence Network.

Cease and Desist Notice

On June 11, 2006, prettypedantic submitted a site called Lee Kaplan is a douchebag. Mr. Kaplan perturbed upon discovering the offending site and issued a letter to Max requesting the offending material be removed.

Mr. Kaplan's original response to the original YTMND is partially quoted as follows:

My brother is a powerful litigating attorney and if I have to bring my family into suing you, I will. However, I am asking you amicably to remove the entire entry or delete the "douchebag" comment that is entirely vulgar and serves no purpose other than to smear me on the Internet.

Official Response

In response to the Cease and Desist order, Max openly posted the contents of the message. The message was editorially commented on by Max in the news post, typically involving the emptiness of the threat, his disregard for Mr. Kaplan's request, and the legal right to create parody and satire. At the time of this writing, Max had not given into Mr. Kaplan's request.

Community Retaliation

In a true YTMND fan fashion, retaliatory YTMNDs, sites, and forum raids have popped up throughout the YTMND Network and throughout the internet. Many do not believe that Mr. Kaplan will receive the leniency and compromise reached in the YTMND-eBaum incident. Many also believe this is an infringement of a legally protected right to parody and satire, which is considered a fair use argument.

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