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LazyTown is the name of a high-energy television show aimed at preschool children. The plot of the show generally involves pink-haired Stephanie playing activity games with her puppet friends in LazyTown, whilst the antagonist (Robbie Rotten) tries to ruin their fun. Usually the local superhero Sportacus appears to save the day. The show became a hit with people considerably older than it's target audience (most of them assumed to be students), which may explain it's frequent parodies on YTMND.

People are unsure as to what was the first LazyTown site that started the fad. Boomaga made the site LazyTown: Too Adorable in December 2005, however there may be others created prior to this, and as the fad didn't start until mid 2006 it is unlikely that it was the catalyst. Another theory is that it started after Cthulhu138 made a forced fad out of "cake" YTMNDs, which all used a picture of cake with an excerpt from the LazyTown song "Crazy Cake" played in the background (see "Cake" section).

Fad Variations

Most LazyTown sites can normally be divided into one of three groups. These are Cake Sites, Pirate Sites and Sexual Metaphor Sites.

Cake Sites

These are sites that began from Cthulhu138's repeated spamming of sites using the same image and sound file (the Crazy Cake song). As more people became aware of it, other users made their own cake-related sites. The most famous of these (The Ultimate Suffering) is by the user Syncan, and attained a place in both the Moderator Favourites and the YTMND Hall Of Fame.

You can watch the video of the song here

Other Noteworthy Sites

Pirate Sites

These are sites that use the song "You Are A Pirate", another number used in LazyTown. These sites can take various forms, the most common linking the phrase "You Are A Pirate" with illegal downloading.

Noteworthy sites

Sexual Metaphor Sites

Somewhat worryingly these are the most common of the three main styles of LazyTown sites. Normally they involve pictures of Stephanie which may hint at unintended sexual metaphors, although many also make jokes using Robbie Rotten and Sportacus (see Noteworthy sites). Even more bizarre are sites in which a user posts a picture of porn stars/nude models wearing wigs similar to Stephanie's infamous pink hair claiming they are a vision of the future, or worse still, photoshopping Stephanie into pictures with sexual overtones.

Noteworthy Sites

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