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{{iboriginal|katamari|Katamari Damashii}}
{{ibdate|June 2005|May 21, 2004}}
|title3=Katamari Simpsonique
|title4=Indiana Jones Can't Stop Katamari Damacy
|title5=n*gg* stole my katamari
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{{ibm|Yu Miyake, Masayuki Tanaka|[http://ytmnd.com/assets/d9b730b23038b30f8ba623db7897062f Katamari on the Rocks]}}
== Katamari Damacy ==
Katamari Damacy, a game that originated from the country of Japan, is a game for the PlayStation 2 created for America in 2004. The objective of the game is to roll up as many objects as you can in a limited time, and to reach a certain size within that time limit. You must start by rolling up small objects, and the bigger you get, the bigger things you can roll up. The Katamari, as they call it, is a large suctioned ball that picks up the objects. You are the "Prince", and you roll the ball using both analog sticks (supposed to simulate as if using two hands to roll the ball). With it's very unique gameplay, character design, and soundtrack, it was a big hit all over the world.
The story behind the game is pointless and simple. The King, (your father, considering you are the Prince), accidentally destroys all the planets and stars. So he sets you off with a Katamari, and each level you collect as many things as possible, and he throws them into the sky, becoming giant balls of mass that replace the stars and planets.
=== Katamari Damacy YTMND ===
The original YTMND for Katamari Damacy, created as origin in 2004, was made by Jaxon and submitted May 21st. It was just another site floating about and didn't really catch on and get recognized until June of 2005, in which Katamari Damacy sites became a fad. The preferred choice of music for the Katamari fad sites is the theme music, which is easily recognized by first hear (if you've ever heard it before). The name of this song is "Katamari on the Rocks", and is along with some other songs from the game that can be heard on the Katamari Damacy Soundtrack, and also on the [[YTMND Soundtrack]] Volume 2.
{{wikipedia|Katamari Damacy|塊魂 (Katamari Damacy)}}
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