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Original YTMND:
A Detailed Analysis of Prop. 23
by lacrossestar83
Worthy Spinoffs:


The Joke fad is a force-fad by lacrossestar83. The first site was made on October 2nd, 2009 and featured a deceptive title, a flashing image of the word "joke", and Ear_rape. This noise is composed of a Marv scream, a Most_Annoying_Sound_In_The_World scream, and various waveforms.

The fad has been repeated a couple hundred times with only slight variations in the audio. These sites generally receive low ratings, but there is a high degree of variabillity. For the exact same site, the rating might be anything from a low of a mid-1.0 to a high of a low-4.0.

Penetration is low, but other users involved in propagating the fad include Angrysoap, maplejet, basketballstar83, rodheh, ComicGenius, and LegoLewdite.