It's a Trap!

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It's a Trap!
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August 14, 2002
Worthy Spinoffs:

The fad was started in 2002 in SomethingAwful, and migrated to various other sites including A site was created prior to the first ytmnds called which was a classic-styled ytmnd complete with a picutre of Ackbar, the text "It's a Trap" coming out, and the sound clip of the scene from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. After ytmnd was established, the Ackbar fad migrated to the site.

Ackbar sites can be done in one of various ways

  • Other characters saying "it's a trap" such as Solid Snake, Frank Burns from M*A*S*H, Peppy Hare from Star Fox (e.g. Solid Snake).
  • The quote used to describe something as a possible trap (e.g. The Superdome during Katrina)
  • Remixed with another song (e.g. Rap Remix)
  • Sometimes, Ackbar's quote may come randomly in another site without warning (e.g. Enraged Cake)

Recently though, a medley of various characters saying "It's a Trap" including Ackbar has been used for trap sites.

Despite not being as popular as other fads like Picard, Vader, and Milton, Ackbar will often show up in conglomerate sites.

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