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June 18, 2004
Avg. site rating: **
Avg. vote rate: *
...as of July 1, 2006
Notable Sites:

inkdrinker is a notorious YTMND user. He is well-known for his "polar voting." Analysis of his previous voting shows that he typically downvotes successful (and just about all YTMNDs) and upvotes the less sucessful and less popular.

Contrary to his typical voting procedures, he has been known to vote in an honest fashion on the occasional YTMND.

His downvoting antics have become a fad of its own, spawning several popular YTMNDs about rage-downvoting and inkdrinkers downvoting shenanigans.

One of inkdrinkers most popular contributions to the YTMND community is the Gay Fuel fad, which itself has spawned numerous copy-cats.