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{{iboriginal|stapler|I believe you have my stapler?}}
{{ibdate|April 2004|April 24,2004}}
|title1=spread my stapler and fly away
|title2=Goblin King Grants Milton a Stapler
|title3=A stapler is forever...
|title4=Stapler Called Love
|title5=Conan is...A STAPLER!
The “stapler” fad was one of the earliest and most popular [[YTMND]] fads. It was started in April of 2004 by the user [http://wiki.ytmnd.com/User:Evers evers]. The original YTMND shows a picture of the character Milton Waddams of "[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_Space Office Space]" fame, looking out from his cubicle desk, with a sound clip of his famous line, “I believe you have my stapler?”
Early fad sites usually had the stapler in the original picture replaced with another object; the sound clip was altered so instead of “stapler,” the item was said. This was the basic format which was popular in 2004, but not as much in the years to come.
Some sites involve inserting Milton's quote into songs, especially those that have the word 'believe' in them; for example, {{y|ibelieveyouhavemyvocoder|this one}}.  Another such site, called “{{ytmnd|spreadmystaplerandflyaway|spread my stapler and fly away}}”, became popular and was inducted into the [[Hall of Fame]]. The site added the words “You have my stapler” into R. Kelly's hit song "I Believe I Can Fly", along with a photoedit of R.Kelly as Milton. The song was later included for [[YTMND Soundtrack]] Volume 10.
Most stapler sites today play around with the scene, usually incorporated into other fads (e.g. {{ytmnd|iwantstapler|I want Stapler}}, a play on the Butterfingers Fad). Milton, or at the very least, his stapler, will very often be included in [[conglomerate]] sites.
== [[COFM|Alternate universes]] ==
The [[PTKFGS]] version of the fad features a blue stapler, and features a {{link|punchthestapler|contrary claim}} by Milton (though the audio is actually by "Weird Al" Yankovic). It should be noted, however, that the description for this site says that Milton notices something's not quite right about the alternate universe, meaning it might not actually be the 'true' PTKFGS version.
== Non Milton Stapler Sites==
theultrayik created a series of scenes depicting a stapler much like Miltons, however this stapler was engaged in activities such as traveling the world, fighting in battles in the post apocalyptic world and lost love. A few others also engaged in making simillar sites.
== Spawned Fad==
[[Link Finds]] started with a stapler fad.
==External Links==
[http://imdb.com/title/tt0151804/ IMDB "Office Space" Entry]
{{Wikipedia|Office_Space|Office Space}}
[[Category:Hall of Fame|Spread my stapler and fly away]]

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