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{{ibimage|I'm not seeing it here lloyd}}
{{iboriginal|imnotseeingitherelloyd|I'm not seeing it here, Lloyd}}
{{ibdate|February 2007|February 10, 2007}}
|title1=Worthy Spinoff for the Wiki
|title2=I'm not seeing it here, Lloyd
|Spinoff 2 - I'm not seeing it here, Lloyd
|title3=Spinoff 3 - I'm not seeing it here, Lloyd
|title4=Spinoff 4 - I'm not seeing it here, Lloyd
|title5=Spinoff 5 - I'm not seeing it here, Lloyd
'''I'M NOT SEEING IT HERE LLOYD''' is a new fad on www.ytmnd.com in which the character known as Harry from Dumb and Dumber openly exclaims "I'M NOT SEEING IT HERE LLOYD!" The quote is usually used in context of something that is invisible, usually something YTMND-related. Most of the sites seem to be statements based on what the user wants to see. For example, quite a few sites were created calling to attention the YTMND Moderation System and how people aren't seeing it here (Lloyd, 1998).
When the fad was started, it was just several sites using the exact same soundclip (343 sites have used its asset so far) but it quickly became much more diverse and varied when keatonkeaton999 did a fun times mix of it, chronster put it in a show on TV Land, and even PCF and Sylvester both returned momentarily to stick it in a war movie and add a candy bar. The fad was obviously no longer stale after that. The fad has since died down but a few people will still post sites about how the fad is gone and that people are "not seeing it here Lloyd."
The fad has since received a lot of criticism, mostly because people aren't even seeing it here.
<div style="border: solid 3px black; background-color: #ddddff; padding: 5px; width: 20%; margin: auto;">
<center>'''OH SNAP!'''</center>

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