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How's It Hangin', McFly?
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Original YTMND:
Mcfly hangs in the PTKFGS world  
Worthy spinoffs:

The "How's It Hangin', McFly?" fad started off as part of the PTKFGS universe, being an alternative to Jitz. The original site consisted solely of an audio sample of Needles from Back to the Future, saying "How's it hangin', McFly" in a rapid loop. A jerky animation was added of the movie segment in question. A few of these included the PTKFGS connection, but most did not.

Only a day after the site's creation, remixes were made with rave-style graphics.

Some remixes use other various quotes from the movie as well, such as "Stick your card in the slot, and I'll handle it!", "Hey hey, the big M!", "What are you afraid of?!", "The Jitz will never find out!" and "I'll see you at the plant tomorrow.".

The site "How's it Hangin', McFly? (XYZ Mix) won 10th place in the YTMND Remix Project.

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