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Original YTMND:
High Stakes Hitler  
by Chav-Slayer 
November 18, 2007  
Worthy spinoffs:

Hitler, also known as the Downfall fad, involves a scene from the movie Downfall in which Hitler rants regarding one of his general's failure to strike back at the Russians in the last few days of the war. Herman Göring is also present in the scene used. The original YTMND, created by Chav-Slayer, is edited to look like the Nazi leader is playing a game of craps against Göring . The site became one of the highest-rated YTMNDs in recent months. In terms of views at the time, it was only beaten by the Animal Crossing Is Tragic YTMND, which received a very large amount of views from Digg. High Stakes Hitler was praised by users for its edits, domain grab, audio choice and use of Downfall; the film itself was also praised in comments.

Only a few fad sites were made early on, possibly due to requiring a large amount of editing. Nevertheless, these few sites have found considerable success, and this appears to be bound for fad status, as more spinoffs develop. In addition, the Hitler/Downfall fad, while based around one particular scene, is not bound by it, and related YTMNDs from the film are appearing as part of an overall fad on the site. For example, one site, Don't Cross Hitler's Fagline! plays on a scene where Hitler rants about another one of his men - SS-Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein - hence the interpretation 'fagline'.

Outside of YTMND

Outside of YTMND, the movie Downfall acts as a meme in an entirely different way; on Youtube and other video sites, users there take the scene and add subtitles to it, making Hitler rant about everything from the Xbox to the prevalence of Downfall videos on Youtube. More information can be found here.

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