Hillary Duff Is A NAZI!

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Creator: cresfresh317
Created on: April 26, 2004
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Hillary Duff is a female actress/singer. The site "Hillary Duff Is A NAZI!" poked fun at lyrics from one of her songs, revealing a Nazi message. The lyrics was misinterpretted as follows:

At least not today, hail this Nazi land.

The site quickly became popular among 04'ers and took in a ton of views, but it brought in a some haters who did not understand the site or felt it was crap. In late 2005, the site was placed in the hall of fame, but not without controversy. Since it's induction when the Hall of Fame was created, there has been debate over whether the site should remain there. Opponents claim the site is low-rated compared to many other sites (it has the lowest rating of any Hall of Fame site). Other claim that the site occupied the top 15 for a lengthy time and brought many users to ytmnd. Despite the debate, max has allowed it to remain in the hall of fame.