He-Man sees

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He-Man sees
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Original YTMND:
Use Your Imagination
by shlammy
July 5, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
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The He-Man sees fad was started on July 5, 2006 when shlammy (shlammy's user page) created a YTMND entitled 'Use Your Imagination.' The site consisted of a drawing of He-Man and Teela looking into (blank) space with the caption, "Draw what do you think Teela and He-Man see." The sound accompaniment was a loop from the musical soundtrack of the 1980s animated TV-series, 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.'

What did He-Man and Teela really see?

The fad quickly became popular, and various users "sketched" what they believe He-Man and Teela saw. Most "He-Man Sees" fads incorporate elements from other YTMND fads such as Medieval, Captain Picard, Sean Connery, Milton's stapler, Muhammad with a bomb in his turban, the NEDM cat and A-Ha.

There are numerous "He-Man Sees" fads which make reference to the YTMND site and its features and history. One very original YTMND has He-Man and Teela see the Up-and-Coming section of the YTMND front page, which at the time of its creation listed nothing but He-Man sees YTMNDs. Another has them see one of JoshCube's "Owned" YTMNDs, while one has them see a gay looking David Hasselhoff.

A couple of YTMNDs place He-Man and Teela in situations where they can't see anything. "Teela and He-man can't see shit" depicted Teela and Heman without heads, while What He-Man and Teela Can't See shows them looking at the Banned YTMND.

Others have He-Man and Teela witness historical events such as the Battle of Hastings or Hitler's visit to Paris. Another one combines the He-Man YTMND with another YTMND by shlammy, called He-Man sees an advertisement (tribute to shlammy), and is apparently dedicated to shlammy. It was quickly moved to the YTMNSFW section because of its homosexual content. Shlammy has stated in a comment on this particular YTMND that he feels honored.

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