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Original YTMND:
by MrSinistar 
April 17th, 2009  
Worthy spinoffs:

HOMOTMND is a fad about simondeansmilk/ChristianU2ber, a 12 year old user on YouTube that create several vlog videos about Christianity and threatening people to stop copying his videos. Arguably his most famous video, stop calling me a homo has him complaining about people calling him a homo. During the video, he loses his temper and throws an object on the floor, yelling "I WILL NOT HAVE IT!".

MrSinistar noticed that one of his friends on YouTube favorite a video entitled, Re: stop calling me a homo and wanted to make a YTMND about it. By splicing up the FaggotPSA footage and the original "stop calling me a homo" video he made the first HOMOTMND. Other users like Uncircumcised, c0rPsE, and lickitwellhiem soon made other HOMOTMNDs then edited the wiki page. However, MrSinistar failed to realize that he himself was a total faggot homo as well as the pre-pubescent 13 year old.