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HOMOTMND is a fad about simondeansmilk/ChristianU2ber, a 12 year old user on YouTube that create several vlog videos about Christianity and threatening people to stop copying his videos. Arguably his most famous video, stop calling me a homo has him complaining about people calling him a homo. During the video, he loses his temper and throws an object on the floor, yelling "I WILL NOT HAVE IT!".

MrSinistar noticed that one of his friends on YouTube favorite a video entitled, Re: stop calling me a homo and wanted to make a YTMND about it. By splicing up the FaggotPSA footage and the original "stop calling me a homo" video he made the first HOMOTMND. Other users like Uncircumcised and c0rPsE soon made other HOMOTMNDs.